Wonderful Ideas For Wedding Favor Centerpieces

There are lots of ways on how to save money on wedding, one of which is to combine some ideas into one. If you are one of those brides who have a tight budget for planning a wedding, don’t worry because you can cut down your expenses by having your centerpieces double as favors for your guests, or even triple as place card holders! Believe or not this is possible and it can be done by simply putting your creativity and imagination on the pieces.

Wonderful Ideas For Wedding Favor Centerpieces

There are lots of unique wedding favors that you can use as wedding centerpieces, including wine bottles. You can choose between full size and smaller bottles, and you can change the original wine label of the bottles with the custom label that is printed with both of your names and wedding date. The bottles can serve as the vases where the flowers are arranged. You can put them in the center of the tables along with beautiful candles. Encourage your guests to take one flower – as favor – before leaving the venue.

Another wonderful option would be small potted plants. You can arrange the pots that look like a solid box of flowers from afar, but on up close they are individual potted flowers that your guests can take after the party is over. Potted plants are not just beautiful while on the table, but they can also show to your guests your passion towards nature.

If you want to consider edible ideas, decadent desserts are most likely among your options. You can get creative with these sweet treats though, as you can organize them on a multi-level tray in the center of your buffet table. Most of the time, cupcakes, cookies, and muffins are the treats that are used for this edible centerpiece idea. Don’t forget to provide your guests Chinese take-out boxes or mini favor boxes where they can put the desserts if they wish eat them at home.

Clear glass jars or platters can also be used as decorations on the tables. All you need to do is to fill them with lots of colorful button candies, mints, or gums which will act as favors for the guests. With this idea, you will need again mini containers such as favor boxes, tins, or favor bags that you will provide to your guests. Use jars in different sizes and heights to create an artistic variation.

Wedding favor centerpieces can make beautiful wedding decors if used correctly. And who says it costs a fortune? By simply using your creative thinking, there is no need of breaking a bank to flair your wedding reception. Save money on your wedding by including multipurpose items. While they may look tiny or not as important as your wedding gown, but can make wonders at your wedding reception. These are just a few ideas that you may consider in planning your own wedding. Wedding favors, wedding centerpieces, and other wedding supplies that are available at cheaper prices can be ordered online. Additionally, you can save a lot if you will purchase them in bulk.

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