Winter Wedding Centerpieces – Tips and Ideas

One of the best seasons to get married is winter. This is the time of year when you see white snow and snowflakes, blooming poinsettias, holly leaves, pine cones, mistletoes, bells, snow globes, reindeers, and a lot more. These make it easier to find great winter wedding centrepieces for this one very important event in your life. It is very important to choose the perfect centrepiece for your guests’ tables because it will be the center of attention or the topic of conversation while the guests are waiting for their food to arrive. To help you decide which centrepiece is perfect for your winter wedding, here are some tips and ideas.

o One of the most popular and traditional centrepieces used in almost all occasions not just weddings is a floral centrepiece. The custom of placing a bouquet of flowers in the middle of the table has been observed many years ago. Since you want to have a winter wedding, you might want to choose flowers or plants in season such as poinsettia, holly leaves, hydrangea, and muscari, to list down a few. You can choose red flowers for a fun and festive mood, purplish blue flowers for a winter wonderland theme, and white blooms for an elegant and simple décor. Add a touch of metallic colors like silver and gold ribbons and your centrepiece will really be the center of attention.

o Winter tree centrepieces are also great winter wedding centrepieces. This does not mean you have to place a huge tree on the table. You will use a small, faux Christmas tree that mimics real Christmas trees that you see all over the place. You can also use a cone tree covered with lace as your centrepiece, a Christams tree made of wire or crystal, and other materials that you can sue to make a small Christmas tree. One good thing about this is that you can hang small souvenirs or favors like you and your partner’s pictures, key chains, candies, chocolates, or small bags.

o Another great centrepiece for your winter wedding is a group of Christmas candles. You can use candles in gold, white, or silver. Choose candles with interesting shapes like hearts, snowflakes, Christmas trees, snowmen, and so on. This will create a romantic and magical glow all over the place especially on your guests’ faces.

o You can also use whimsical and interesting Christmas characters or symbols. One great idea is placing a centrepiece of gifts or presents for your guests. This will really wow your guests not only because of the arrangement but also because of the excitement of receiving gifts. You can also use food associated with Christmas as your centrepiece such as candy canes, fruits, gingerbread winter house, and baskets of sweets. This is very fun because the guests can eat the goodies while waiting for the food or they can just take them home as souvenirs. This makes the centrepiece both decorative and fulfilling.

There are so many different ideas for winter wedding centrepieces. All you need to do is to let your imagination fly and to have fun choosing the perfect centrepiece for your dream winter wedding.

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