Winter Wedding Arrangements: Edible Fruit Bouquets for Your Reception Centerpieces

Reception centerpieces are an extremely important decision for every bride. The table centerpiece is by far the easiest way to incorporate a theme and a personal touch into your wedding arrangements.

Flowers and candles are two of the most commonly used items for centerpieces but flowers are not only more traditional and conventional, they’re also more expensive. The more you try and find a unique centerpiece made of flowers, the more you’re going to end up paying for expensive blooms and stalks.

Winter Wedding Arrangements: Edible Fruit Bouquets for Your Reception Centerpieces

A new trending centerpiece that you can buy for your wedding reception is edible fruit arrangements. Candy in candy dishes is what people usually put out when they want edible centerpieces for wedding tables but fruit bouquets can work better and add a classy look to the table.

There are different ways of using an edible fruit arrangement; if you want to use it on the head table you can place a big one in the middle and two smaller ones on the sides. The best thing about fruit bouquets is that you can easily find them in different sizes. The design stays the same but the size variation allows you to place the same arrangement on tables of different sizes.

You can use the fruit centerpieces to number tables as well; add table numbers on the fruit bouquets by ordering an edible number with each bouquet. It’s a unique way to help guests find their table and it’s an imaginative way to organize them. You can have the bouquet themes changed by picking a container of your choice.

Fresh fruit bouquets are a unique wedding centerpiece idea for your wedding arrangements. Serve ordinary fruit in an extraordinary way; fresh fruit arrangements and fruit bouquets are unique centerpieces for wedding tables.

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