Winter Wedding Arrangements: Centerpieces to Make Sure Your Tables Are Perfect

A huge variety of items are available for wedding table centerpieces and the trend to go past flowers and try something new is increasingly becoming popular. The fact that brides want the centerpiece to reflect the overall wedding theme adds more to the trend of using unconventional items like fresh fruit bouquets and fruit arrangements as the centerpiece.

There is a certain knack to making your centerpiece look exquisite. Whether you have bouquets of flowers or fresh fruit bouquets, how you display them matters a lot. The main thing to keep in mind is to make sure the table is never cluttered.

This can be a genuine concern if you’re working with multi-unit centerpieces. If that’s the case be careful that you don’t space the items too far apart and that your guests have ample elbow space.

Nothing too tall or too short should be used. Centerpieces are too tall if they impede the guests from talking easily to each and they’re too short if they are roughly the same size and height as the dishes (your guests won’t be able to see them and are likely to drop a spoon in).

Never put out candles in ordinary candle stands; make sure they’re in something that will avoid a fire hazard if a candle topples over. While white may be a traditional color for weddings; too much white is never a good idea. If you’re featuring some white at your reception tone it up with some warm colors like red and burgundy or icy blue and turquoise (or whatever works with your theme).

Fresh fruit bouquets are a unique wedding centerpiece idea for your wedding arrangements. Serve ordinary fruit in an extraordinary way; fresh fruit arrangements and fruit bouquets are unique centerpieces for wedding tables.

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