When a DIY Centerpiece is a Don’t

Many brides like to make things for their weddings as a way to save money. This can be a great way to give your wedding a unique look when on a budget, but it can also turn out to be a mess if not done well. This is how you know when a DIY centerpiece is a wedding don’t!

The thing about making your own centerpieces is that they should not look obviously homemade. Handcrafted, yes; homemade, no. What is the difference? When something is lovingly handcrafted by a talented artist, it will have a special and unique feeling, whether it is a centerpiece, bridesmaid gifts, or wedding favors. When something looks too obviously homemade, however, it can look unpolished, or non-professional. For your wedding, you definitely want all the elements to look polished and pulled together. It is the difference between something that looks clunky and something that looks elegant and well-crafted.

What else makes a diy centerpiece a don’t? Going overboard on a theme or color scheme. Sure red is dramatic and passionate, but when brides start pairing red flowers in red vases with red candles, it can all get too be way too much. This is where having a professional florist can be helpful, because after doing dozens of weddings, she will have an instinct for what will work and what will not. When she starts hearing that you are planning to have everything from the bridesmaid dresses and jewelry gifts to the napkins and centerpieces in the same shade of red, a florist will know to pull you back from the brink and to add some tonal variety into the mix.

Where brides really go wrong with DIY centerpieces is by using poor quality fake flowers. Even good quality artificial flowers can look fake when seen up close, and the cheap ones will be spotted the minute your guests walk into the reception space. Certainly, the fake flowers can be economical, but the reaction you want when people first see your diy centerpieces is, “Aren’t they beautiful? Can you believe she made them herself?”, not “Wow, check out the fake blue roses!”. If you prefer faux flowers to real, consider handcrafted paper flowers, which are much more appealing than poor quality fabric flowers.

Another time that a diy centerpiece is a don’t is when the bride does not have an innate sense of creativity, proportion, color, or balance. A good florist will walk into a reception venue and note the high ceilings which call for tall centerpieces, or the beautiful woodwork which would be enhanced by using blossoms in warm colors. Now, there are certainly plenty of brides who have an eye for these types of things, but if you do not happen to be one of them, you may be better off having a florist make your centerpieces, and turning your diy abilities to other projects.

The other thing that can turn even the best intentioned diy centerpiece into a definite wedding don’t is biting off more than you can chew. Think long and hard about the time commitment involved in handcrafting the table arrangements for ten, twelve, or fifteen tables. Also be careful not to get overly ambitious with your design if you are a novice. At some point, the stress of trying to make the perfect centerpieces can outweigh the money saved. If it’s not fun, don’t do it!

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