What Makes a Good Wedding Centerpiece?

So your planning your wedding! You want everything to be perfect! But where do you begin? Some would say find a venue, others will tell you to buy the dress early for the best selection. I agree that finding the dress and the place are right at the top. Choosing the centerpieces for your wedding and reception are also important because they become the anchor point for your table settings and tie in with the theme for your reception.

What Makes a Good Wedding Centerpiece?

So what really is a centerpiece? I went to Merriam Webster to see how they defined the word and found two definitions, the first pertains to a thing and the second to a person.

1: an object occupying a central position; especially: an adornment in the center of a table 2: one that is of central importance or interest in a larger whole

Let’s go through the process of selecting centerpieces that reflect your style, and use the colors and theme you have chosen and will create a beautiful focal point that your guests are sure to enjoy and remember.

Color: Choose a central color to work with. This color will be reflected through out the decor, the bridesmaid dresses as well as the reception. Think about the season you will be getting married. You can also choose to use a favorite color or a combination of two complementary colors. Once you have decided on color you can move on to the next decision.

Materials: There are so many materials to choose from. Ask yourself a question. What kind of mood am I trying to create? Is your wedding going to be stately and elegant or simple and organic? The central vessels can be tall and made of glass, or short, filled with flowers. The type of flowers you chose should work with your chosen theme. I recommend consulting with a florist or floral designer to come up with a floral combination that works for you and reflects your style. Ceramic vases, lanterns and candelabras are just some examples of focal points for the center of the table. Use of stones, shiny beads, rhinestones, and tealights are a nice accent to the table itself and often add sparkle!

Table Settings: Once you have decided what you want your centerpieces to look like, you can begin building your table and table settings around your chosen color scheme and theme. Items to consider include candles, table number holder, place card holders, glassware such as toasting flutes, coffee cups, water or wine glasses and napkin rings. Table runners and tablecloths also need to be considered and worked into the overall scheme. Place settings are often furnished by the reception hall or caterer, but you can purchase these as well, if you are wanting a unique or customized look.

Choosing the right centerpieces for your reception tables does not have to be hard. Start with color and theme and then go from there. Centerpieces can become conversation starters for guests that do not know each other and compliment the overall atmosphere of the reception. They also create a backdrop for pictures that will be taken during the event. You can make this a fun and creative process. The final product will be a true reflection of your style and will create a lasting impression of your wedding that will be long remembered.

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