Wedding Table Centerpieces

The key to creating great wedding table centerpieces is to maintain a design theme. Everything must relate to one another and in a complimentary way. In order to achieve this, one must select items that bring out the best features of the other items being used. It is kind of like a good marriage. Although there are many facets to the individuality of a husband and wife, they complement each other in a way that creates a long, loving and lasting relationship.

Wedding Table Centerpieces

The first thing one must do prior to creating wedding table centerpieces is to define what style of setting is the most appealing to the bride. Although it may sound like a good time to panic, please do not. Finding ones style is easier than one might think. Begin by looking through every magazine you can get your hands on that have pictures of entertainment rooms decorated in styles similar to the ones you would like to create. Tear out the pages (or make color copies) of everything you come across that has at least one element in it that the bride likes.

Please Note – If photo copies are made, it is imperative that they are in color. Color is a key element when it comes to design. It is what makes or breaks the setting so please spend a little extra money and print copies in color. These are the pictures that will help you define what type of wedding table centerpieces you will ultimately be creating. It is important to know how color helped to accentuate the positive aspects of each item.

After a collection of several different pictures are in hand, sit back and analyze how either one picture or a combination of things from several pictures can be reproduced to create beautiful wedding table centerpieces. Do not rush through this process. Take your time and really give it some thought.

There are several things one must consider during this process.

1) Ask yourself exactly what are the elements from each picture the bride found to be pleasing. After you discover what the elements are, examine what it is about those elements that causes her to like them so much. This is important because it helps develop the answer to the question of what style of wedding table centerpieces are pleasing to her. Is she fascinated by the color combination or is it the lighting that captures her attention? Maybe she is draw by the layering of items or perhaps it is the texture that captivates her mind. One must pay special attention to whatever it is that prompted that picture to be selected.

2) One must also consider how difficult it will be to locate these items for purchase as well as how expensive they are. If an item in the picture is difficult to duplicate, think of ways you can imitate that element by putting your own twist to it. For instance, if the bride loves the flowers in a picture but they are exotic and out of her budget, research a flower that is available locally that is similar in style and texture but less expensive.

3) The size, style and shape of the tables are also very important. Pay close attention to what type of tables are being used. Are they square or round? Do they have tablecloths on them? Are they made of glass or is the natural beauty of wood that is being highlighted? These are very important questions because oftentimes if you place the same wedding table centerpieces on a different surface you will achieve a much different effect.

4) The location of the setting in the pictures is important as well. One must consider whether the setting is indoors or outdoors. This is important because some elements of design will work best outdoors while others perform better indoors.

5) Lighting is also a key element to creating gorgeous wedding table centerpieces. One could have an absolute picturesque centerpiece but if the wrong type of lighting is cast in the room, the WOW! factor is lost.

When creating a lighting scheme to highlight your wedding table centerpieces, remember that candle lanterns are a great option. They do not require an electrical source and can be purchased in a host of styles and colors. sells over 200 beautiful and unique candle lanterns which are great for weddings or special occasions.

Envision if you will place a candle lantern on each table and surrounding it with flowers placed at the base. Now, add a long burning scented tea light candle inside each candle lantern and light them up about ten minutes before guest are scheduled to arrive. Dim the ceiling lights so that the lighting from the candle lanterns is the main focal point. Candle light has a way of creating a since of romance all on its own and is a beautiful way of showcasing wedding table centerpieces. Imagine the welcoming ambiance of all those tea lights flicking and the room filled with a wonderful aroma which helps to create a tranquil setting.

Studying the design style of others may seem like a trivial thing to do. However, one must remember that the key to learning how to do something right is to study others who have perfected their trade. Keep in mind the importance of paying attention to even the smallest of details and you will do fine. Everything expensive has a less expensive knockoff version. It may take some research in order to find it but it is out there.

That being said, one should not become intimated by the process of creating beautiful wedding table centerpieces. Instead, embrace the idea of designing your own masterpiece. The lessons learned will help you when it comes to creating interior design themes for the home

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