Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas – Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for some good wedding reception centerpiece ideas, then you will want to consider the questions below. Although the most common centerpiece is a floral arrangement, many receptions will feature artificial rather than live plants or something creative such as candles in water. Read on for some of the most common questions related to wedding reception centerpieces.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Live Flowers?

A beautiful life floral arrangement is definitely something special. Live flowers add fragrance and elegance to your table, and traditionally this has been the centerpiece of choice for formal wedding receptions. The more formal the reception, the more elaborate and extravagant the arrangements need to be. Obviously the biggest concern here is cost. Live flowers can be very expensive. Also, a live arrangement may be considered wasteful, because they are typically only used for the ceremony and reception and then discarded.

Are Artificial Flowers Acceptable?

Certainly! If you prefer centerpieces that can then be given away as favors or donated to local community centers that can use them, then by all means consider silk flower arrangements. Although they will lack the fragrance of live flowers, some of the higher quality artificial arrangements are nearly impossible to tell apart from the real thing.

What Alternative Ideas Are There for Centerpieces?

If flowers are not your cup of tea, then consider some alternatives. One popular idea is to fill a crystal or glass container with colored liquid, and then float tasteful candles on top of the water. You might also consider a potted plant instead of cut flowers, or if you are having a theme wedding perhaps choose plants that are related. (Think cacti for a southwestern theme.)

What Should I Consider For Outdoor Reception Centerpieces?

The most important factor if your reception will be held outdoors is the weight of the centerpieces. You do not want to risk a large airy floral arrangement being blown over by the wind and ending up in someone’s plate or lap. For outdoor receptions, consider potted plants with a sturdy base, or water filled centerpieces such as fish bowls.

Where Can I Find Inexpensive Ideas?

Shop around. There are a lot of do it yourself options and with some creativity you can make some beautiful centerpieces from materials you will find at your local arts and crafts, or hobby stores. Nurseries will often have potted plants marked down at certain times of the year when they are trying to make room for new stock.

These questions about wedding reception centerpiece ideas are a great place to start when you begin planning the specific details for your decorations. Consider the fact that flowers are the traditional centerpiece focus, but there is nothing wrong with including something that expresses your personality more. If you have budget concerns, there are a lot of ways to save money by creating your centerpieces yourself or finding components on sale around town. Hopefully you now have some great ideas about planning your wedding reception centerpieces!

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