Wedding Orchids – Bouquets To Centerpieces

To make any wedding complete it is important to have wedding flowers that will enhance the special day. Orchids are a perfect choice to add a visual interest and a certain elegance as well as providing a statement about the couple by their choice of orchid. Each couple can find the flower that they are looking for because of the many different varieties and colors of orchids.

Wedding Orchids - Bouquets To Centerpieces

Orchid uses at weddings are many, one such way to use them is in the bouquets of the bride and her bridal party. What makes the orchid a perfect flower for the bouquet is it`s color and scent. Because there are a great deal of different colors of orchids, it is easy to find one that is right and that matches the overall color and theme of the wedding.

When choosing an orchid for the scent that it gives off, it is best to go with one that is not too strong as these flowers when used in the bouquet can be held close to ones nose.

Flowers over the years have come to stand for different things and have different meanings, such as the rose stands for love,lilacs and daisies for innocence. Loyalty and friendship are represented in the Blue Hydrangea. Orchids represent beauty and each bride and groom want their wedding, their life together and their relationship to have this element. There are so many beautiful things about a wedding and that is why the orchid is such a perfect choice for that special day.

Orchids make the perfect flower to be used in the centerpieces of the head table and guest tables at any wedding. These flowers are very hardy and resistant to moisture and heat. They may, however drop their blooms if handled too roughly or are exposed to cold temperatures for a long time. This makes them ideal for summer weddings, although they are available year round depending on the variety one chooses. Orchids can grow very tall which, when used in the centerpiece will truly become the center of attention at any table.

Orchids can be bought in bulk meaning that you will be able to save money by going directly to the growers rather than paying for each and every time that the flowers have to change hands on their way to you. Buying in bulk is the best way to go if you are planning to use the orchids not only in the bouquets and table centerpieces but in other aspects of the wedding decorations.

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