Wedding Centerpieces With Lights

Are you looking for elements to add to your centerpieces that will set them apart? If so, you have come to the right place. Read on for suggestions on how to enhance your wedding centerpieces and give them personality by lighting them up!

Wedding Centerpieces With Lights

Lighting is actually an important part of your overall wedding design. Think about how the right lighting can create ambiance (such as romantic candlelight) or how the wrong lighting can detract from the mood (overhead fluorescents!). Adding lighting to your centerpieces is a wonderful way to take this a step further, and to make your centerpieces have a stand out style that will make your reception even more fabulous.

Candles are a favorite decorating tool for brides. They are affordable, romantic, and create a wonderful atmosphere. Not only that, but candlelight is always flattering; it softly illuminates the face while playing up the brilliant sparkle of your attire, such as beadwork on the bridal gown or crystal jewelry. When it comes to incorporating candles into your centerpieces, you can go one of two ways: the candles can be added as accents to a central floral arrangement, or the candles can be the star of the show, with a few flowers as accents.

If you want the candles to take center stage, there are a variety of great options. One of my favorites is to place a large pillar candle in a classic clear glass hurricane lantern. Ivory candles are always nice, or choose one in your signature wedding color. The base of the lantern can be adorned with decorations that fit your wedding colors, season, or theme. For example, if you were having a December wedding, wrap fresh pine boughs, red berries, and silver pinecones around the lantern on each table. For a beach wedding, place the lantern and candle into a bed of white sand and artfully arrange a selection of shells, sand dollars, starfish, and faux red coral around it. Of course, a floral wreath is perfect around the base of the lantern at any time of the year.

Perhaps you prefer to have the flowers make the main statement and use the lighting as accents. This can be done in numerous ways. For grand and dramatic weddings, take very tall silver vases, fill with formal flowers like roses, and set tall taper candles into the middle of the floral arrangement. This style of centerpiece can be made even more elegant by hanging teardrop shaped crystals around the edge; they will dance in the flickering glow of the candlelight just like the bride’s crystal bridal jewelry. The effect is magnificent.

Lighting can also be cool and modern. Battery operated lights are a great way to add light to centerpieces when candles are not appropriate. For instance, you can get battery lights that can be submerged under water. Place them in a tall clear cylinder filled with colored water, and top with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Another idea is to place tall branches into the water with the light, and let them make the statement without adding flowers. It is a very cool twist on a minimalist wedding centerpiece.

Finally, check out what you can do with battery powered cordless white strings of lights. They can be twisted around branches, wrapped around garden inspired topiaries, or even wrapped around giant wicker balls for totally unique centerpieces. There is so much that you can do with lighting that it would be a shame not to take advantage of all that it can add to your wedding centerpieces!

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