Wedding Centerpieces With Fruits and Vegetables

How will you make the centerpieces at your wedding look distinctive and unique? One great idea is to include unexpected elements among the more usual flowers. Learn how to create marvelous wedding centerpieces using fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you think about it, some fruits and vegetables grow in beautiful colors. They also may have interesting textures, forms, and shapes. Something else that is wonderful about fruits and veggies is that they can easily add a strong seasonal element to your reception centerpieces. In addition to all of their great design potential, pieces of fresh produce can be considerably less expensive than large unique flowers. All around, it’s a winning idea.

Match your fruit and vegetables to the season and colors of your wedding. For example, let’s say you were planning a late autumn wedding in shades of plum and bronze. Your bridesmaids will be wearing deep purple dresses and bridesmaid jewelry sets, and the reception site will be decorated in shades of deep purple as well.

A natural addition to the centerpieces for this wedding would be fresh eggplants. Their deep purplish-black hue will add drama and sophistication to your wedding tables. They are also very versatile. Eggplants can be hollowed out to hold small displays of seasonal flowers, used as candle holders, or left whole and incorporated into larger floral displays.

Artichokes are an especially intriguing vegetable to work into the wedding decor. Their layered leaves add a fantastic texture to any centerpiece, and the green color with hints of purple along the tips is a beautiful complement to many flower colors.

Wire artichokes in among large blossoms, or arrange them in a bowl for a more earthy look. DIY brides find artichokes to make incredible votive candle holders when hollowed out. Artichokes also combine very nicely with succulents. They would be simply wonderful for a creative wedding.

Asparagus is another fun veggie to use in a wedding. The tall elegant stalks look gorgeous when bundled into standing groups and bound with a pretty ribbon. You can create a very chic effect by lining the inside of a clear vessel with asparagus and placing the floral display on top for the centerpieces.

Brides who gravitate towards brighter colors for their flowers, bridesmaid jewelry sets, and table linens can do something similar using slices of lemons or limes. Just slice up fresh citrus fruit and lay the slices flat along the inside edge of a glass cylinder or square vase.

Insert an interior layer of floral foam (which won’t be visible) to fill up space, then add water and the cut flowers. It is such a simple thing to add to a vase, but it will make a huge difference in how your centerpieces look.

There are numerous other fresh fruits and vegetables which can be incorporated into wedding centerpieces. Red apples are vivid and seasonal for an autumn wedding, pears are stylish for a winter celebration, and green apples are great at any time of the year.

The one thing that all of these things share in common is that they are relatively hardy (excepting perhaps the pears, which can be bruised if treated roughly). If you want to design centerpieces for your wedding which are interesting and creative, be sure to consider adding a few fruits or veggies.

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