Wedding Centerpieces Which Are Sure To Impress

What is the first thing that people notice when they walk into a wedding reception? The centerpieces, of course! As the main decorative element, your centerpieces will add a lot of style to your reception. Make sure that your wedding centerpiece are designed to impress, by following these simple steps.

Add Height. Tall centerpieces have an instant wow factor that low ones simply do not. The reason is that they are more dramatic and noticeable from the moment guests enter the room. The floral arrangements themselves to not need to be especially tall; height can be created by setting the flowers on top of very tall vases. For a very formal style, use silver tone vases with slender fluted stems. Another option is to use tall clear vases.

They are great because they do not obstruct the view across the dinner table. When centerpieces are very high, it looks nice to add some dripping elements over the side. It could be as simple as dripping ivy, or something more elaborate like draped strands of crystals (fabulous when the bride is wearing crystal earrings!). Sky high centerpieces are sure to make a grand first impression.

Fill the Vases. A fantastic way to make centerpieces chic is to add a filler to clear vases. Tall clear cylinders tend to work very well for this (and you won’t need as much filler as you would with a wide urn shape vase). There are many things which can go into the vases. Fresh fruit like green apples or limes is an easy and inexpensive addition which will add a great pop of color to centerpieces.

Slices of citrus fruit such as lemons, limes, or oranges look fantastic lining the inside of a clear vase. A neat trick is fill the center of the vase with a piece of Styrofoam, so you really only need enough slices to line the edges of the vessel. You can also fill vases with large flowers like hydrangeas, colored water, or a natural item like rocks or pinecones. If the bride loves sparkle in everything from her dress to her crystal earrings, a wonderful idea is to suspend large teardrop shaped crystals in the center of the vases, with the flowers perched on top.

Create Groups. Floral displays do not have to be large to be impressive. Instead of designing one massive centerpiece for each table, you can create groups of small centerpieces to get a great impact. It is a very modern eclectic approach to wedding decorations, and also tends to be far more cost effective than single large centerpieces would be.

Groups of odd numbers usually work best, with trios being the most popular. Choose vases which coordinate but do not match, and fill them with simple floral arrangements. Each group of flowers should be slightly different, yet with a harmonious flow. For example, three vases with flowers in shades of pink and red would be great. You could do one a tall one with pale pink tulips, a short vase with hot pink peonies, and a medium vase with red garden roses. Gorgeous!

Add a Surprise. Most people have been to a lot of weddings and seen a lot of similar centerpieces. How can you set yours apart? By adding an element of surprise. Think of something which you can include in your centerpiece design which will be unexpected. You might add a ruff of feathers around the edge of the floral display.

You could perch tiny bluebirds on yellow centerpieces for a cheery spring centerpiece. Or perhaps you would like to display your centerpieces creatively. Arrange a tiny vignette inside a terrarium on each table, or hang flowers from the ceiling instead of setting them in vases on the tables. Unique centerpieces are sure to leave a lasting impression.

With a little creativity, any bride can design centerpieces which are beyond the norm. A surprise here, an unexpected detail there, and before you know it, you will have decorations which are totally unique and personal. Special centerpieces will definitely make your reception space look amazing.

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