Wedding Centerpieces: Popular Centerpiece for a Wedding Reception

You are getting married soon and you are already planning for all the aspects needed on your wedding day. You already decided on the design of the invitation, your wedding dress, veil, shoes, bridal car, church, reception venue, entourage, floral arrangements, caterers, cake and souvenirs. But you are still forgetting something and those are your wedding centerpieces. Sometimes, bride let the caterers handle the centerpieces just so they don’t have to worry about it but this shouldn’t be the case. You guests will be sitting on their table for at least 2-3 hours of your reception and an attractive centerpiece will be very much appreciated.

One of the most popular and traditional wedding centerpieces is a floral arrangement. You can’t just use any pretty flowers to put there since your centerpiece should also be in line with the overall theme and motif of your wedding. If your bouquet is filled with white roses, you can put some white roses and different colored roses on your wedding centerpieces. You can have it made by the same person who is taking care of your bouquet, the entourage’s bouquet and the aisle flowers in church. Just to make sure all the flowers will look similar in color and arrangements.

Another variant for floral centerpieces are floating candles and flowers. The lit up floating candles will give a very romantic feel to the whole room along with the flowers on the side. You can also use a floating candle arrangement in small bowls and put some pearls, crystals or beads around it too. If you want, you can also put floral arrangements on a transparent vase with colorful stones under it.

Another favorite wedding centerpiece is candles. You can also incorporate your motif with the color of the candle. It is best that you put different shapes of candles in a good formation to achieve a cleaner look on the table. Candles are very romantic and can help in making a romantic ambiance all over the reception venue.

Now is you are willing to go all out on your wedding centerpieces, may I suggest that you put an ice sculpture in every table in your reception. You can choose the shape of flowers if you want and decorate it with some flowers and ribbons. This will definitely have your guests talking about your centerpieces all night.

If you are having a beach wedding, you can choose to have small balloons that are arranged properly as wedding centerpieces. You can also have a pale filled with sand and sea shells and top if off with a pin wheel. Make sure your pale looks attractive and the sea shells you choose are colorful.

Having attractive wedding centerpieces will add to the overall decoration of the room and it is something that you really need to think about. Most of the time, if the wedding centerpiece is too pretty to just be thrown away, guests will often take them home with them. Your wedding centerpiece will really depend on your budget and what you like.

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