Wedding Centerpieces in Every Price Range

The centerpieces are the most important decoration at a wedding reception. You can really create a beautiful mood with the right pieces. Centerpieces can run the gamut from very reasonable to outrageously expensive, depending on what you choose. Whether you plan to spend a little or a lot, you can find some great ideas in this guide to the most wonderful wedding centerpieces in every price range.

Wedding Centerpieces in Every Price Range

When working with a small budget, you will want to be creative as you look for ways to do the most with your centerpiece dollars. Fresh flowers tend to add up quickly, so for the most affordable table decorations, plan to include some other decorative elements. Candles are always great, because they are inexpensive, but create a romantic ambiance. A single candle set into the middle of a large table for ten, however, is not going to make much of an impact.

The key to style on a tight budget is to group things and to layer in attractive elements. For instance, if you were having a beach wedding, you could place one very large ivory candle in a glass holder into the center of each table. Around the candle, create a bed of sand, and artfully arrange an assortment of seashells surrounding the candle. The candles and holders can be found on sale or online, and the sand and shells can be gathered on the beach for free. Each centerpiece will be unique and pretty, yet the total cost will be very minimal.

If you have a little more to spend, think about using potted plants instead of cut flowers. In the fall, you can get a lush and full potted flowering mum for around $10. For a little extra, gather up a collection of pretty baskets in which to place them to hide the plastic pots. Another idea is to buy up a bunch of clay flowerpots, which will be on sale at the end of the summer growing season, and handpaint them in your wedding colors. The finished look will be lovely and just perfect for fall.

For not too much more, you can create centerpieces that are the height of style. Submerged flower centerpieces are all the rage, and they can be done on a fairly small budget. Take one branch of an orchid that has multiple blooms per stem and submerge it under water in a tall clear vessel. Add in some votive candles around the base, and you will have fresh and trendy table decorations for an affordable price.

When your floral budget is larger, you can get into some very impressive designs. For an elegant garden wedding, a tall footed urn overflowing with garden fresh peonies, hydrangeas, and lush roses would be exquisite. If money is no object, think about having your floral designer create an elaborate “tablescape” with a tall topiary or cluster of painted branches at the center. Drape strands of crystals along the branches like crystal wedding jewelry for your tables. Surround the central element with multiple low floral arrangements. And don’t forget to add loads of candles to cast a romantic glow and to bring out the sparkle in your crystal wedding jewelry. The result will be an extraordinary centerpiece design that your guests will never forget.

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