Wedding Centerpieces – How to Make the Tables Stand Out

Wedding centerpieces may sound like something simple and easy to choose but for just about every wedding, the centerpiece sets the theme. Whether you’re going for something simple or extravagant, the centerpieces will be the center of attention once everyone sits down to eat.

Wedding Centerpieces - How to Make the Tables Stand Out

The centerpieces that stand out the most are ones that are proportionate to the table and everything on it. You can’t expect the centerpiece to pull everything together but if you aren’t careful with the other table accessories, the centerpiece might actually go unnoticed. This can happen if the table linen isn’t the right color or if the table top is too crowded.

Centerpieces that are made up of different parts like candles, flowers and ornaments will always be harder to manage not just on the table but also when you’re buying them. The more the pieces there are, the more effort you have to spend on making things match.

If you can find something unique for the table, like a fruit bouquet or fresh fruit arrangement, you won’t have to worry about anything else. A unique centerpiece can bring out the table in ways that you can’t imagine. Unique wedding centerpiece ideas like fruit bouquets can really get your guests talking and make your reception memorable.

Unconventional ways to decorate a table can make it all the more noticeable. Instead of having a table cover, you can use a long and narrow piece of fabric to divide the table in half. Use fabric in the same color as the brides’ maids’ dresses or keep it a neutral silver or pale gold.

Fresh fruit bouquets are a unique wedding centerpiece idea for your wedding arrangements. Serve ordinary fruit in an extraordinary way; fresh fruit arrangements and fruit bouquets are unique centerpieces for wedding tables.

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