Wedding Centerpieces – A Basic Guide

For the bride especially, the wedding day is one of the most important days of her life. The wedding ceremony and the subsequent celebrations should all be done with style. There are so many different things that need to be thought out for the perfect wedding such as the dress, the limousine, the church, the venue for the after party, the rings, and the food and drink.

There just might not be enough time to think about the smaller things about the wedding such as the wedding centerpiece. But it is this focal point as well as other things such as the wedding cake topper, the serviettes, or the place settings, which really give a wedding reception that touch of class.

The centre of attention is never going to be the centerpiece when it comes to the wedding reception but it is still needed. It actually adds a lot of style to the occasion and it should complement the other wedding decorations. Many people would not put a lot of thought into picking out their wedding centerpieces, but it is best to try and make some effort into choosing the right one for your wedding.

It is not just a question of going out and choosing something which is pretty and looks good on its own, your centerpiece will have to be coordinated and it will have to be stylish. Usually, at the wedding reception, the same colors or color schemes are used throughout the room where the reception is going to be held. Couples choose colors based on the location that they are in, their own culture, favorite colors of the bride or groom, seasonal colors, or maybe even colors to suit their skin and hair color. The wedding centerpiece should fall into this type of color arrangement.

Also, you should choose centerpieces which are not going to interfere with table space. The last thing you want is to have an overstuffed display in the middle of a table that is totally overshadowing the place settings and personal space of your guests, hindering their conversations and making it difficult for them to see each other. Keep all the wedding centerpieces down to a manageable size, coordinated for the level of formality.

You can also decide on unique wedding centerpieces. As weddings become more and more unique occasions, the wedding centerpiece has to evolve at the same time. For instance many people these days are having their wedding receptions in unusual locations. With a bit of imagination and ingenuity, you can have wedding centerpieces that suit any location; these can be a target of whimsical ideas that take your fancy.

Another tip is to try and provide your wedding centerpieces for every single table. This means that the guestbook table has a wedding centerpiece placed on it, as does the head table, the cake table, and each guest table. You can place smaller versions of the wedding centerpiece at convenient areas throughout the reception room.

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