Wedding Centerpiece Vase Fillers

It used to be that wedding centerpieces were all about the flowers, and very little thought was given to the vessels used to hold the blossoms. These days, it is as much about the vases themselves as the flowers they hold, and many brides are choosing clear containers which can be filled with another decorative element. These are some of the best ideas for wedding centerpiece vase fillers.

Wedding Centerpiece Vase Fillers

A very elegant centerpiece design is to use tall slender fluted vases to hold traditional flowers such as roses. In and of itself, this would make for a lovely table arrangement, but you can elevate the design to something even more special by adding another decorative element to the vases. Deep green ivy looks great inside a clear vase topped by a rose bouquet, and is far prettier than just seeing the stems of the roses.

If you want to make even more of a splash, instead of ivy, fill the clear vases with sparkling crystals, which is stunning when the bride is wearing crystal bridal jewelry. For brides whose taste in crystal bridal jewelry runs to the dramatic, rather than using small crystals, suspend very large crystal briolettes inside the center of each centerpiece vase. This is a very unique and striking addition which will really amp up the “wow” factor of your reception decorations.

Natural elements also make excellent vase fillers for centerpieces. For a modern effect, smooth dark river rocks can be artfully piled up and topped with white flowers. Or use the same idea for a beach wedding by substituting sea glass in soothing shades of blues and greens for the river rocks. Another beach wedding idea is to fill your vases with tiny shells before topping with a floral display. You can even have the florist wire some small seashells into the blossoms to pull the entire look together beautifully.

Fresh fruit can make a very attractive and colorful filler for wedding centerpiece vessels. It is also large, so this is a great option when you are using good sized vases. Match the type of fruit to your wedding colors and the season. Some of the best choices are lemons, limes, oranges, and apples. The lemons would be heavenly for a spring wedding as filler for yellow and white floral arrangements. If you like bright colors, try the pop of limes or green apples as your vessel addition. Top with pink peonies and hydrangeas for a preppy centerpiece design, or combine the bright green fruit with cherry red flowers for a more modern style. Red apples would be marvelous in combination with rich autumnal colored flowers for a rustic country wedding.

Another great centerpiece vase filler is more flowers. Submerge a stem of orchids, a flowering branch, or a bunch of tulips in the water filling tall clear cylinders before topping with spectacular floral arrangements. The final design will be nothing short of stunning. This is a fantastic design idea for a formal wedding, but can also be easily adapted for a more relaxed reception, especially when the flowering branches are used as the element.

Now that you know of all the wonderful possibilities for wedding centerpiece vase fillers, why settle for plain old clear vases? The additional decorative element is a fantastic way to set your centerpieces apart from the crowd and will add a lot of style to your reception tables.

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