Wedding Candle Centerpieces

There are many beautiful gifting ideas and wedding ideas when it comes to candles. Candles are a win-win situation. Almost no one can say no to candles. The reason for this is because although many people love scented candles, allergies can prevent many people from getting or buying candles.

Wedding Candle Centerpieces

What many people don’t realize is that there are unscented and hypoallergenic candles out there that will not bother allergies so that they can also enjoy the beauty and calmness of candles, without missing out. However, scented candles make homes, offices and events smell delicious or really nice.

Doing a candle centerpiece homemade is easy to do. Find matching or different shaped vases and glasses. Add the colors of the wedding with flowers and greenery. Add oil and some water (use food coloring to color the water if you want to be creative) colored Lilly type flowers (or any silk flower that can float by cutting off the stem) and decorated artful rocks and stones. Make sure to purchase floating candles so that they float and don’t sink.

For centerpieces that are for the wedding tables, buy scented candles to create a warm nice smelling aroma that tickles the senses. Use creativity to coordinate flowers or shiny foil stars, hearts or doves to sprinkle on the bottom around the candles.

Many centerpieces for wedding tables are coordinated to match the wedding seasonal theme; such as a May wedding will have early spring type flowers to decorate the centerpieces. A Fall wedding may have small yellow sunflowers and yellow and orange mums to decorate the centerpiece because the bridal bouquet has those flowers in them as well.

If a wedding has more than two colors, use those less showing colors of the bridal suite to enhance the lesser colors of the wedding to bring those colors out with the centerpieces,

There is also the wedding candle ceremony to think about for doing yourself. Creating a one of a kind candle sharing centerpiece is an awe inspiring moment for the couple and these can be made with simple beauty or extraordinary beauty.

Scented candles that are unity pillars that have two wicks in the center of the pillar for the ceremony and add some creativity and beauty with flowers on the bottom with a crystal, silver or gold plate to hold the centerpiece.

Buy scented candles that can be used as smaller centerpieces for a wedding favor. This is an easy way to make centerpieces in a small scale with their names added.

Take small votive candles, wrap one or two strands of tiny colored flowers around the base of a small crystal dish (that is about 4″ in diameter), and use a grill lighter to slightly melt the very bottom base of the candle to place the bride and groom’s names and wedding day tags to the bottom of the candle and place both the candle and tags to the bottom of the small crystal dish.

This is an inexpensive way to create your own wedding favors and a unique one of a kind artistic gift to those who came to celebrate a wonderful occasion.

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