Wedding Arrangements – Unique Centerpiece Ideas

One big fact about weddings these days is that most of them are planned on a modest to frugal budget. More and more couples are paying for their own wedding and few people have parents contributing or taking up an entire portion of the expense although they will generally provide some funding. Brides go to the extent of making their own bouquets, invitations and sometimes even their own cake.

Wedding Arrangements - Unique Centerpiece Ideas

The major decorating is done on the tables; the table centerpieces and the table linen traditionally account for all of the table decor. This means that you generally have two things to work with, the centerpiece and the table covers.

Women generally use white or ivory covers because it makes the centerpieces stand out but the centerpieces can look even better if the linen is in a contrasting color. It’s a great way to add something unique to the table and give it an edge.

You can pick two or three colors from the centerpieces you pick out and represent them in different ways on the table. The napkins, the napkin rings and the table cover can all help bring out the centerpiece.

You can use wedding china as another way to add something unique to the table. Since wedding china is something you’ll buy as part of your wedding arrangements, get it in a unique shape or in a color that stands out with the table colors.

If the table centerpieces are going to be the only decoration then make sure that they’re unique. Use fresh fruit arrangements or fruit bouquets that give you a rich color option in the fruit and the container to bring out the table.

unique centerpieces are key to making your wedding arrangements stand out; fresh fruit bouquets and fruit arrangements are one of the most popular wedding gifts and table centerpieces.

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