Venetian Masks Used in an Auction Centerpiece

Venice is one of the most popular auction themes I see. Something about the city’s canals, or its Carnival, or maybe it has to do with Italian culture in general that seems to capture our imaginations. I’ve yet to see a Venice theme that somehow did not work masks into the gala.

At this fundraiser, the masks were used throughout the night and had a predominant role in the centerpieces.

Venetian Masks Used in an Auction Centerpiece

The centerpieces were beautiful and showcased lovely half-masks. Many of the masks on display elsewhere were full-face models, usually larger and more extravagant with feathers or other material. These were half-masks, but still made of quality materials with rich color.

The centerpiece masks were uniform in color and size. The non-profit opted to sell each auction centerpiece for $60. Although guests were buying a lovely flower-mask-vase centerpiece combination, let’s be honest… the draw was the mask, not the lush, fresh flower ring and lovely vase encircling the mask!

Candles were not part of the centerpiece arrangement.

I’ve no idea how flammable masks are, but I’m sure that was part of the concern.

Instead of a candle floating in the vase, there was a large rose. If you will be relying on candlelight to supplement your lighting during the dinner fundraiser, keep that in mind.

One option could be to use a “fake” candle or LED light, but I think the design would need to be reworked in order to maintain the elegance. Simply dropping a waterproof LED into this vase might cheapen the look.

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