Using Floating Candles and Bowls to Decorate Your Home or As Stunning Centerpieces at Your Event

Floating candle bowls produce a spectacular display between the fire of the candles and sheen of the water that results in an elegant contrast between two of earth’s most basic elements. For a large occasion like a wedding reception, anniversary party or any exceptional affair this can be a great cost effective way to create centerpieces for the tables.

Using Floating Candles and Bowls to Decorate Your Home or As Stunning Centerpieces at Your Event

Water represents the element of emotion while fire represents passion. It is simple to put floating candles in any decoration because of the huge variation in sizes and styles. This is true of both the candle and the bowls. However, in selecting floating candle bowls, certain characteristics should be ascertained:

  • Size: Nearly all candle bowls are 6-15 inches in diameter, be sure the bowl is somewhat larger than the candle or candles to be floated so they will float freely, but don’t choose too big a size where the candles will seem overwhelmed by the water.
  • Depth: For the candles to float, the water in the bowl should be at least 3-4 inches deep to give enough depth so the candles can float but also low enough so that the candles do not sit above the upper rim of the bowl.
  • Shape: The most spectacular for floating candles is the round or oval bowls, but there are also other choices as to its shapes that are available.
  • Materials: To use clear plastic bowls may be perfect considering its lightness and durability, however, glass is the most accepted material for candle bowls. Also the chance of fire is much greater when you use a plastic bowl. Glass bowls should be made of a special glass such as pyrex so that they can withstand the high temperature of a candle flame.
  • If you are wanting to have a gorgeous event like a wedding reception or an anniversary party, using glass candle bowls as centerpieces can add a touch of class to such momentous occasion. However, wedding receptions and engagement parties are the perfect venue to display the sparkling light that glimmers from the reflective centerpieces.. This is an exciting element that guests will always impress your guests.

Floating candle bowls also create a unique kind of ambiance. The magic of candlelight, or conceivably the mixture of candles, water and ornamental elements, but there’s enchantment in the air when you decorate a room with floating candle bowls. Furthermore, tables will shine with multi-colored reflective light that flows through the water and is augmented by the candles. This is an amazing eye-opener that every individual who witnesses it will hold in awe. The blaze of the candlelight does magical things for any event.

Floating candle bowls can also make your home cheerful and add a touch of elegance to any room. Thus it is a good idea to decorate with floating candles in your home to give you a relaxing feeling. In addition, it can create a feeling of romance in the air. Also, should you desire to create an effect that is pleasing to the eye and appropriate for a special affair, you should consider using floating candles and bowls. These gorgeous elements combined are nothing short of stunning and they can be employed in various diverse ways. Floating candle bowls are a wonderful accessory even if you intend to just have a ceremonial affair like an engagement or a casual backyard barbeque.

Indeed, floating candles and bowls produce a sense of peace and harmony that every individual treasures.

Mae Summerville is a wedding planner and event organizer. She operates several wedding websites that offer information on votive candles and wedding candles. Be sure and visit before you plan any event.

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