Using a Table Top Water Fountain As a Centerpiece

Tabletop fountains – quite an interesting design idea if you think about it – I mean, you can use it in typical black tie receptions but also with more interesting things such as seaside marriages or more exotic ideas. Truth be told, tabletop fountains bring that touch of elegance and inspire beauty even without floral embellishments.

Using a Table Top Water Fountain As a Centerpiece

Choosing a Tabletop Fountain

Just like any other design piece, most reception fountains can be found in a variety of styles and designs the only constant being their power source – some of them come with batteries incorporated in their systems, while others come with a power surge. When you need the fountain for a longer period of time, or when you have where to plug it/hide the cord from guest traffic, then it would be ideal to use it like this. This will ensure that your tabletop fountain won’t stop in the middle of the even for no apparent reason. However, the advantage of choosing a battery-powered tabletop fountain is just as great – not having to deal with cords and possible accidents is a rather interesting advantage. You should note that your battery system will only last you for about eight hours – so if you plan to party longer than that, power cord is your solution.

Make sure to choose specifically built reservoirs that prevent splashing and keep the reservoirs full, so that the sound is quieter and more pleasant and peaceful.

All pumps are not made equal with some specifically designed to work for centerpieces. A pleasant reception atmosphere requires a reliable and quieter pump.

Wedding Centerpieces of Custom Design

These companies have stock designs available that can easily be customized. Natural or silk flowers, ribbons, greenery or artwork that enhances the wedding decor can be added. The fountain company, the wedding florist or any artistic person can add creative personal touch. The fountain styles, lighting, colors or even the water color can all be customized.

Choosing Between Renting And buying Tabletop Water Fountains

As with any other thing, there are advantages and disadvantages to buying/renting a tabletop water fountain. However, before you discuss which is better for you, try building a list of reasons based on which you need this fountain. If you need it only for one event, for a wedding or something similar and you are pretty certain you will never use it again, you can imagine that buying a cheap one is not really going to make everything better. Of course, there are individuals that are interested in actually keeping the fountain even after the event, and in this case you should consider buying it. Below you will find a list of pros and cons in regards to renting your own tabletop water fountain.

The Pros and Cons of Renting A Tabletop Waterfountain

Pro: The fountain company will set up your fountain so you won’t have to deal with this on your own

Pro: The functionality of your fountain is guaranteed by your renting company

Pro: Prices are lower for renting rather than when buying them

Pro: You can choose from a variety of designs without having to worry about the price.

Pro: You can get deals if you want to rent more than one fountain

Con: You don’t get to keep your water fountain

Con: Deposits might have to be made before the rental company will agree to rent a greater number of products to you (if this is the case).

Con: Rental costs might vary a bit too much for your budget in some cases (not more than actually buying the fountain, but either way, sufficient to worry about)

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