Unique Wedding Reception Table Centerpieces – Easy To Make Yourself

It does not matter if you are using a wedding planner or planning your own wedding, you will have to make decisions about everything that is involved. Your wedding reception table centerpiece is an important part of the celebration and this part of the wedding is probably where you will have the most choices. You will need to plan the decorations, menu and music and make a lot of other choices when it comes to the reception.

Even if you decide to use traditional floral centerpieces there is a lot to decide. Floral centerpieces are used often for wedding reception table decorations and you could even save money with them. Stick to flowers that are in season and use the flower vase as the focus not the flower itself. You could also opt for a few seasonal flowers in an elegant plain glass vase to show off the flower. Your flowers should remain short enough so that all the guests at the table have a clear view of each other.

1. Glass fish bowls to be given as door prizes. For these you could use clear glass fish bowls found at your local dollar store, place a handful of stones that match your wedding colors and a beta or small goldfish in the bowl. These centerpieces will make an especially fun prize for one of your wedding reception games.

2. Another idea for the clear glass bowl would be to fill it with shreds of complimentary colored paper with a balloon weighted in the center. The bowls and accessories for this type of wedding reception table decoration can be purchased easily in bulk for a fraction of the price you might pay for a formal floral centerpiece and they are easy to make yourself.

3. You could decorate several small earring, watch and other small gift boxes in different sizes and create unique centerpieces. Wrap the boxes in a different combination of the wedding colors and designs and glue the finished boxes together at different angles.

4. Choose a favorite photo of the two of you and have puzzles made of it. Be sure to leave a copy of the original picture for reference and scatter the puzzle pieces around the table. This particular centerpiece will get your guests interacting and is a wonderful ice breaker at the reception.

5. If you must have long stemmed flowers you can simply change the way they are displayed. Instead of having the flowers upright in a vase, tie a few with complimentary ribbon and lay them in the center of the reception table. This unique wedding reception table centerpiece works well with seasonal or themed, artificial or live flowers.

6. Use houseplants like ivy’s or vines instead of flowers. Shop for small starter plants at a local department store or garden center and replant them into inexpensive decorative planters. Check your local dollar store or hobby center for decorative additions to the planters.

7. Another way to express your individuality with pictures as a centerpiece would be to use digital picture frames. A digital picture frame will allow you to include many of your favorite pictures. Including pictures of the bride and groom at different times in their lives along with pictures of family and friends is a good way to get everyone involved.

Every wedding is unique but they are also very traditional. From the wedding proposal to the honeymoon weddings are filled with tradition. Floral arrangements are the traditional centerpiece but there are a lot of other ideas that are unique and inexpensive. What makes each wedding different is the personal touches we add.

Each one of these unique wedding reception table centerpieces also make a wonderful prize to the winner of the wedding reception games and they are good for getting the guests interacting This article is proudly presented by your friends at: http://makeauniquewedding.blogspot.com where you will find additional information and products that will help you plan any wedding and save money doing it.

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