Unique Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Have you ever been to a wedding or been looking through a magazine and wondered where these brides came up with some of the most unique wedding flower centerpieces you have ever seen? The answer is simpler than you might think. They used an ounce of their own imagination and combined a few of their favorite items.

For example – Obviously they used their favorite flower and color and then they added something they liked such as a favorite fruit. Yes, flowers and fruit certainly do make for unique wedding flower centerpieces! By using the same formula of thinking you can also create centerpieces that will have your female guests wishing they had brought their suitcase size pocketbook instead of their dainty little lipstick-holding purse.

Flowers and Fruit – There are a few different ideas you can use for this unique centerpiece. First you will need to make your flowers with either mulberry paper or crepe paper. Then select a clear (see through) container to hold the flowers and fruit. You can choose anything from a traditional vase to a large Brandy style glass. If you want to add a nice fragrance to your centerpiece use fresh fruit.

If you like the smell of melon use a melon baler and scoop out perfectly round little pieces of fruit either watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew or a combination of all three. Place them in the bottom of the container, lay a piece of wax paper or plastic wrap over the fruit and set your flowers on top.

You will not need to make the stems for the flowers for this centerpiece. Spray the flowers with a melon scented air freshener. When you are finished you will have a perfectly fruity flower centerpiece. Discourage the guests from eating the fruit!

Another centerpiece idea that I love and often make is the traditional watermelon cut out. Except instead of filling it with an assortment of fruit to serve guests, I fill it with an assortment of flowers to dazzle the guests.

Be sure to clean the watermelon out good and place a piece of plastic wrap, crepe paper or mulberry paper on the bottom so the flowers do not absorb any of the excess liquid that may have been left behind. I have always found this type of centerpiece is a winner for outdoor summer weddings.

Flower Petals and Candles – Let us move on to another wonderful centerpiece. This one is not as unique but nonetheless it does have its own unique attributes.

You will want to make your mulberry paper or crepe paper flower petals, using your wedding color theme. I recommend using white candles as it brings out the color of the flowers more than colored candles do.

Make two lines of flower petals the whole length of the table, leaving room in the center for the candles. You can use either large round candles just place them on a dish to catch the wax or floating candles. For the floating candles you will need a small dish that will hold enough water to allow the candle to float.

Once you have your flower petal ready, place a candle in the center of the two lines of petals. You can space them out or put one every few inches. What is so unique about this centerpiece?

Many times a table at a reception will have only one centerpiece in the center of the table or at best three centerpieces, one in the center and one on each end of the table. This flower and candle centerpiece allows all the guests at the table a birds eye view of the centerpiece!

These are only two of the endless ideas for unique wedding flower centerpieces. To make a centerpiece to match your style just spend a few minutes thinking about things you like and how you can turn them into a centerpiece it is really that simple!

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