Unique Wedding Centerpieces – Ideas For You to Consider

If you want something a little bit different for your wedding table centerpieces than the traditional flowers in a vase, you need to hunt around for inspiration. Unique wedding centerpieces are hard to find in shops so be prepared to come up with and create these displays on your own. If you are up for the challenge, you will be rewarded for your hard work on your big day, when the reception tables look stunning and your guests comment on your creativity.

Online is a good place to come up with some off the wall ideas for your centerpieces if you are not naturally creative on your won. There are many wedding websites stuffed full of images of what other brides have done before you. Jot down what you like, including the materials and colors that are used, and then try to combine all of these points into a design of your own.

Wedding themes are often based on the season when you are getting married and these themes flow through everything in the day including the centerpieces. Christmas centerpieces would be easy to come up with – just think of all the Christmas food or decorations, combine them with sparkly white and silver colors and you’re done.

Fall weddings offer an abundance of natural materials to inspire your display. Leaves of great orange and brown colors can be scattered around any number of fall fruit and vegetables or romantic candles. Imagine pumpkins used as flower vases or stacks of green and red apples arranged in pyramid shapes on white platters.

Spring weddings call for bright and fresh flowers. Sliced citrus fruits in vases of water or an arrangement of Easter eggs would also tie in with this season. Summer weddings also allow the use of bright colors or even vacation accessories. You could turn it into a beach theme with shells, leis or bucket and spade type pails.

If you want something even more unique than season based wedding centerpieces, think to your hobbies or pastimes as a couple. If you travel a lot, use mini suitcases, cameras or a photo collage of your travels. If you are into sports, pile up tennis balls on a silver platter and dot them with small flower heads. If you love coffee, pile coffee beans into vases and stand long stemmed, large headed flowers amongst them.

The theme that you choose is crucial to your wedding centerpieces and other decorations, so put some thought into it early on. It will make the rest of your wedding planning that much easier.

Chloe Alice Wilson is the founder of WeddingCenterpiecesIdeas.com – a site which gives food for thought on many different types of unique wedding centerpieces.

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