Unique Fall Wedding Centerpieces

Autumn is a great season to get married. The leaves are orange, the breeze is cool. Everything around just seems quiet, peaceful, and colorful which makes creating unique fall wedding centerpieces fun and easy.

Among the many things you plan for your wedding, the wedding decor, more specifically, your wedding table centerpiece is important as this is one of the first pieces your guests will notice at your reception. The table centerpiece literally sets the mood of any venue and any occasion which is why it’s so important that you choose one wisely.

Unique Fall Wedding Centerpieces

The main items you have to consider when choosing a centerpiece are the theme, the color motif, the size of the tables, and of course, your budget. Here are just a few unique ideas for some beautiful fall wedding centerpieces:

Leaves – Since fall is the season of the leaves, why not gather the authentic ones and turn them into your wedding decor? Dip these leaves in paraffin wax and let them dry. Fill some clear bowls with water and let the leaves float in them. Some floating candles would be perfect to accentuate this piece too. If you want something else instead of glass bowls, you may choose a copper vase or bowl to further emphasize the autumn “feel” of it.

Fruits – Go practical and healthy by choosing fall fruits as your centerpiece. Apples, pears, and cranberries would make lovely decors on the table. Put them in a decorative basket you either bought or designed yourself. Choose fruits with earth tones like brown, golden red, or yellow to fit the autumn theme. If you want to make them a little more unique, you may choose to use long shallow dishes instead of baskets.

Flowers – Nothing beats the beauty of fall flowers like chrysanthemums and hydrangeas. Use them on your center table. You may also want to use the all-time favorite roses. Choose any of these flowers or pair them together. Make them as bouquets or put them in containers. You may want to use unique containers like fish bowls, bottles, or even bird cages. Match the containers with your wedding theme. You may even design them yourself and give them a custom-made look.

Pumpkins – These are often used in some of the most unique fall wedding centerpieces. Hollow out the pumpkins and let them function as vases. Put pressed leaves in them, potpourri, or even a candle. Whatever you decide, they will look chic and attractive on your center tables.

Find cheap wedding centerpieces and unique ideas for creating fall wedding centerpieces to complete the perfect fall wedding theme.

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