Unique Communion Centerpieces

Decorating for a First Holy Communion can be lots of fun. Centerpieces can be simple or ornate, depending upon the feel of your celebration. Here are some ideas for a variety of Communion centerpieces:

Inexpensive Centerpieces

If you conduct a search “cheap cross centerpiece” you will find items starting at $2.59 each. One has a decorative base made of tissue paper with a gold cross on top of it. It measures 10 inches tall.

Another way to have a lovely, inexpensive centerpiece is to purchase mirrors, white candles and gold cross confetti. The mirror serves as the base with the candle in the middle. Sprinkle the gold cross confetti around the candle. You can even sprinkle some on the table.

Mirror bases illuminate any objects so you can put a variety of items on it. Find small keepsakes in the shapes of crosses and chalices and place them on top of the mirror.

Communion Cakes

Cakes in the shape a cross are both beautiful and delicious. Start with a cake pan in the shape of a cross. They are available from the Wilton cake company. Bake and decorate each table’s cross cake differently. It is a fun project for both the communicant and parents.

The cost of the pan is around $10 and the price of a cake mix plus frosting is about $3.50. Cakes will measure 14 ½” x 11″ x 2″. The centerpiece can do double duty as desert at the end of the celebration. You can also save some money and make cakes in bulk from scratch.

Cupcakes are another option. Simply make standard cupcakes. Take white M&M’s or other soft candy and make a cross shape on each one. Place each cupcake in a clear decorative bag and tie with a ribbon. Wrap them and use them as favors as well.

Kathryn Hilton is a party planner and shows images of these ideas and more Communion centerpieces.

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