Unique Centerpieces

So you have decided you want to make a memorable impact on your guests at your wedding reception. You want to have a display of decoration that will leave your guests in awe and amazement. You want your guests to wonder how in the world you came up with such unique centerpiece ideas. Unique centerpieces can be spectacular and elaborate or unique centerpieces can be something simple that just happens to be a very clever idea.

The most incredible and unique “centerpieces” I have ever encountered would have to be suspended centerpieces. If you have never been to a wedding reception with suspended centerpieces, then it is a must that you make these your centerpieces. They are not only unique, but they create a dreamy ambiance that will take the spotlight. Suspended centerpieces are centerpieces that hang over the tables, rather than sit on the tables.

They can be whatever you imagine them to be as well. If you want flowers, then flowers can be hung. If you want candles, then candles can be hung. Whatever you want can be capable of being hung as long as your venue has the appropriate ceilings and as long as your wedding planner has the right people making this happen for you.

Besides the amazement of this type of centerpiece, there are also the benefits of having more room at the tables and the benefits of your guests being able to communicate and see every other guest at the table. Suspended centerpieces truly are the most unique centerpieces you can have at your wedding reception.

Unique centerpieces do not have to be so elaborate either. They can also be simple ideas that are just clever ideas as well. One centerpiece idea that is extremely unique is fish bowls! It may sound a little odd, but fish come in all different colors and you can decorate the bottom of the outside of the bowls and line them with flowers that are the same color as the fish. Not to mention, these centerpieces will keep the guests that are children entertained. Then the children can also take them home and have a new pet that mom and dad will not have to worry about!

A unique centerpiece that everyone can agree upon would be champagne buckets! What sounds bad about this unique centerpiece? Nothing! Just like every other centerpiece, as long as you decorate them to match your colors and themes, they will never look tacky or simple! You could get custom made buckets or just add your own little detail with colors and gems or use stencils to write the newlywed couples names on each bucket. The champagne can be in just one large bottle and guests at each table can split it, or the champagne can be many split bottles, so each guest at the table gets their own. It is a surprising, yet delightful unique centerpiece idea that you cannot go wrong with.

As you can see, if you want to be unique, it does not matter if you want to go over the top or if you want to keep things low key. As long as there is cleverness and creativity, any unique centerpiece idea is going to look spectacular.

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