Two Great Easter Centerpieces

Easter is a time of rejoicing and spending time with family and friends. Spring is just around the corner and you really try to take advantage of those warm days. Children love Easter as they eagerly anticipate the basket that awaits them on Easter morning and in many cases the Easter egg hunt.

Many people invite family and friends over for Easter dinner and what better way to give the holiday an extra special touch of elegance than with an Easter centerpiece. We are going to share two great Easter centerpieces with you.

In these two great Easter centerpieces, you are free to use any flower and color you would like. Many people love pastels and they do make beautiful flowers. The official Easter flower is the daffodil and April’s official flower is the sweet pea another gorgeous flower that actually compliments the daffodil. The daffodil is a large flower and the sweet pea is a medium to small flower however, they have many similarities especially the way the petals are made and how they seem to just fall right into place in a centerpiece.

The first centerpiece we are going to look at is a traditional centerpiece. You can use any flower you like and of course, any color or combination of colors. If you choose to use the daffodil and sweet pea, you may want to add a touch of baby’s breath the white will allow the other colors to stand out more. Once you have made your flowers and have chosen a vase/container; simply arrange your flowers to your liking if you would like finish off the centerpiece with a nice lace bow tied around the center of the vase or container. Place the centerpiece on your table and you have the perfect setting for a nice Easter dinner.

The second centerpiece we are going to look at is rather unique and represents Easter in a more commercial way. For this centerpiece you can chose any flower or color you like we do recommend using only one type of flower for this centerpiece but of course, you can use more than one if you would like. We also suggest that you do not use orange or green flowers. You will need a wide mouth jar as a vase or something similar. In addition to the flowers for one of the centerpieces, we will call it the carrot and flower centerpiece. In the very bottom of the jar place a little water then place several long carrots with the stems still attached in the jar next, put your flowers in the jars and arrange them to your liking.

The next centerpiece is done the same way minus the water and in place of long carrot sticks use green leaf lettuce and cover the inside of the jar then arrange your flowers in the middle. Both of these are very pretty and unique. You may need to change the carrot sticks and leaf lettuce every few days the carrots will last longer than the lettuce. These are only two great Easter centerpieces you can chose from to decorate your home or give as a gift.

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