Two Best Black Floor Vases to Use As Accent or Centerpieces

There is no better way to impart character to your room furniture and decorative pieces than by using black floor vases for accent. On the other hand, for giving the various colors of the room a unifying element, a black vase with just the right design and color combo is an excellent centerpiece.

Therefore, to emphasize and coordinate the color motif of your room, a black vase is essential. You will encounter vases of all materials, shapes and glazes with a prominence or a hint of black in their designs.

Two Best Black Floor Vases to Use As Accent or Centerpieces

How often these floor vases will have black and how prominently black is featured differs from one style to another. Two types of vases, however, stand out among the rest for using dark shadows in their motifs.

The ‘Fat Lava’ glaze

This glaze has been around for some time but the better examples today are made by West German potters. As the name suggests, the glaze has the texture of thick and burning lava. This is achieved by the adding amounts of silicon carbide and barium sulphate to the glaze. Specifically, these chemicals make the fired glaze bubble. When colored with burnt and blackish reds and browns, the appearance of lava is produced. The aura of lava pottery is frequently very powerful owing to the coarse nature of the glaze and the frequent use of black. They are excellent accent and focal point pieces.

Art Deco floor vases

This 1920’s style manages to look interesting most of the time. The imagery is typically drawn with heavy lines and bulky masses of color that look heavy enough to fall off the vase to the floor. When geometric patterns are seen on Art Deco floor vases, these will be executed with thick strokes and will have one or two of these shapes in black. Just like fat lava, Art Deco can have great impact on the room decor, endowing all the colors of the room with intensity. These vases may not be appropriate for all idioms but when appropriate, they are excellent center pieces which can draw attention even if placed on the floor.

Many people who are dissatisfied with their room decor think about changing color schemes and furniture shapes. The truth of the matter is that very often, the problem with the room is lack of color emphasis. The matter is addressed by giving the colors some depth with black floor vases. Depending on the design, shape and size of the black vase, it may be used to make colors vivid. As a centerpiece it makes the colors of the room interact with one another.

Adding dark accents to a room gives it a dignified and balanced elegance. This effect can be achieved with other black floor vases besides those mentioned above. And then again, your vases need not even have black to achieve that same effect. In our website, you can read about the various kinds of vases and techniques that you can use of for making your color motif come to life. You will also find many issues regarding floor vases addressed in our archives. And if you have some ideas you would like to express you are welcome to do so.

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