Transform Wedding Favors Into Wedding Table Centerpieces

Guest Favors and Wedding Table Centerpieces are both beautiful additions to a wedding reception that the bride loves to arrange and the guests love to enjoy. However, both favors and centerpieces don’t come cheap and very often these are the little details that have to be abandoned when organising a budget wedding.

Now we have discovered the perfect solution, you can provide each of your guests with a favor to take home and treasure your special day, whilst doubling them up as your wedding table centerpieces – saving yourself a fortune on elaborate floral centerpieces; continue reading to find out how.

Wedding table centerpieces do not have to be elaborate and over-the-top, very often simple and elegant is even more effective. Cupcakes are now a very fashionable wedding favor, which are usually given to guests in little card boxes. To turn these favors into a centerpiece you could write the guest names on each of the boxes, then pile them up decoratively on a charger plate and place in the centre of the table as an alternative table decoration. To enhance the look of the centerpiece you could strategically place a few flowers in amongst the boxes or scatter some petals around the edge of the plate.

Fruits make a beautiful centerpiece and although not traditionally used as a favor, it promotes health and wellbeing and after a big meal many people delight in the taste of a piece of fresh organic fruit.

A very unique suggestion would be to buy your guests miniature photoframes and put a small photograph in each one, the photo could be of the guest, the bride and groom, or a lovely touch would be photographs of brides in your family throughout the generations, as far back as you can go. You can then arrange these photoframes as a table centerpiece, guaranteed to be a talking point if nothing else.

An Italian tradition which has spread throughout the world, is to give your guests a small bag of sugared almonds to take away with them. Nowadays dragees are a very classy alternative, which come in many pretty colours including gold, silver and bronze. These could be tied into pretty organza bags and piled with ribbons and feathers in a romantic table centerpiece or you could arrange them in bowls with diamonds and confetti scattered on the tablecloth and some pretty tealights casting a romantic light onto them.

Piling your favors up into a centerpiece can be really effective no matter what they are, as long as you include a few of the following elements to complete the transformation; fresh or fabric petals, confetti, scattered diamonds, shells, ribbons, feathers, fresh or silk flowers, dragees and/or candles.

Transforming your wedding favors into stunning wedding table centerpieces only takes a little creative thought and determination. It is a great money saver and can add a fun personal touch to the proceedings.

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