Top 4 Versatile Flower Arrangements Centerpieces

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, floral designers held up to 76,100 jobs in 2008. Also, about 50% of them worked in florist shops instead of grocery stores. Floral designers are in great demand for the beautiful decorations they create with flower arrangements.

Centerpieces for various events not only add to the decor but also introduce sweet, natural fragrance into the space. Florists are experts at creating unique and impressive designs, however one must be familiar with the some popular designs.

Impressive Flower Arrangements: Centerpieces for Multiple Occasions

Given below are some innovative ideas for flower arrangements centerpieces with which you can add to the decor for an event:

  1. Bountiful Harvest: Add organic colors to your event by combining elements like berries, seasonal flowers, persimmons, slender twigs and leaves. Utilize colors like yellow, red, green and orange, and use fine glassware or crystal vases to arrange the floral centerpieces. You can use such designs for bridal showers, anniversary parties, dinner rehearsals, etc.
  1. Floral Gradient: To complement the blushing beauty of a bride and to add a touch of romance, ask your florist for flower arrangements centerpieces shaped in a spiral cluster. You can use fuchsia peonies, hot-pink roses, deep pink ranunculus, ruby fringe tulips and fresh blooms of sweet peas, hyacinths, carnations and orchids in shades of pink.
  1. Fountain: Fresh blooms in bright rich colors, such as yellows, whites and reds, and long stems can be used to create fountain-like flower arrangements centerpieces for weddings, afternoon parties, etc. One fourth or even half the flowers can be made to drop out of the vase to render a fountain-like appearance. Orchids, mimosa blossoms, parrot tulips and hydrangeas can be used for such earthy floral designs. Do not cut away the leaves and twigs of the flowers to add a rich, natural hint of green.
  1. Multiple arrangements: Decorate a dinner or buffet table with multiple vases filled with two-tone floral designs. Green and white, pink and green, yellow and green, purple and green combinations can be set in a line alongside the table in fine square shaped containers, salt-glass vessels or crystal vases. Use purple drumstick allium, tulips, iris, hydrangea, chrysanthemum, etc, for the two-tone designs.

You can choose different colors in the containers that hold the floral designs to add color and depth to the designs. Also, make sure you find an experienced floral designer who readily understands your requirements. You may seek recommendations and visit the florist’s website before placing the order.

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