Tips on Creating a Perfect Floral Centerpiece

Flower arrangements, whether professionally done or just a semblance of twigs and flowers gathered from one’s private garden, have become an integral part of interior decoration. Flowers add a sort of a finishing touch to any area. They bring in a special aura of peace and a spot of color to even the gloomiest space. Anyone who desires a peaceful home or space should be aware that flowers satisfy the senses and create harmony. Anyone could learn how to do flowers. Here are some tips on creating a perfect floral centerpiece.

Tips on Creating a Perfect Floral Centerpiece

Choose the Vase

Where will you put the centerpiece? If it’s on a dinner table choose shallow container for its limited height to avoid guests shouting over a tall vase or a huge floral arrangement. If it’s on a buffet table or coffee table, a whole range of containers is serviceable: a tall glass vase, pitcher, basket, an old pot, and any other container that you see fit for use. Do not forget to fit in a floral form in your vase. Fit the foam in the container the soak it in lukewarm water before putting it back into the vase. These are all important tips on creating a perfect floral centerpiece.

Decide What Flowers to Use

Choose the kind of flowers that you want to use for a particular arrangement. Fresh flowers centerpieces could be one flower type in one color or a mix-match of different flowers in complementing colors. It is best to use flowers that last long in vases such as mum, daisies, gerberas, carnation and lilies. Do not get carried away in adding greens to your arrangement as they might overwhelm the arrangement

Other Accessories

If the vase is transparent, small pebbles or colored stones could be added for effect. Putting in waterproof lights in the vase would definitely be stunning. If the container is opaque and low, make sure you have enough foliage to cover the foam. For a tall opaque vase, wrapping it in coiled florist wire would give it an extra twist. Tips on creating a perfect floral centerpiece is quite endless as you can practically do anything you like with a floral centerpiece like adding a twig with even a small ceramic bird perched on it.

Flower Arrangement

Now that you have picked out the vase, flowers and accessories, you can now arrange your flowers. Pick one flower to be your focal point. Arrange it so in the container making sure you prune the bottom stem a bit. Trim all other flowers to compliment the height of the central flower keeping in mind to cut stems at an angle. The arrangement need not be in perfect symmetry as long as you find it pleasing. Fill in the spaces with some greenery and you are done! Flower arranging is a simple art. Anyone can do it. The tips on creating a perfect floral arrangement hopefully proved useful. Would not it be nice to do your very own fresh flower arrangement now to fill up your home and senses?

D. Damore, a 30 year veteran in the retail floral industry, shares his experience on the different aspects of fresh cut flowers, green and flowering plants for all occasions.

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