Tips for Designing Creative Wedding Centerpieces

If you are the kind of bride who gravitates towards unusual venues, unique bridal jewelry, and one-of-a-kind invitations, you will surely want your centerpieces to reflect your personal style. It is easy to take your centerpieces from typical to extraordinary if you know what to do. Learn these tips for designing creative wedding centerpieces.

Tip number one is to think outside the vase. The vast majority of wedding centerpieces are arranged in simple clear glass vases, so if you want to set your designs apart, the first step is to ditch the vases. What else can you use to hold your flowers?

Almost anything! Flowers can go in birdcages or terrariums, wooden boxes, vintage tea tins, pitchers, tea cups, or watering cans. A big trend these days is to create centerpieces that do not use a vessel at all. Arrange the flowers in moss or floral oasis foam set directly on the table top or hang blossoms above the tables on clear string. The effect will be unique and eye-catching.

Another tip to designing creative centerpieces is to use non-floral elements. As lovely as fresh flowers are, they are far from the only option. Perhaps you love unique bridal jewelry made in pretty sea glass colored crystals; make paper flowers in the same colors for your centerpieces. Or use potted herbs like rosemary (which symbolizes remembrance) in lieu of flowers. You can use anything that strikes your fancy, from antique books to ice sculptures to fresh fruits. Use non-floral elements as accents in combination with more traditional flowers, or let them be the entire focus of your centerpieces.

You can also make your wedding centerpieces more creative with an interesting use of color. The color can be entirely within the flowers, or it can be in how you pair the blossoms with the vessel. Since white and pink flowers are the most traditional, any time you go with something different, your centerpieces will appear to be more unique. Consider slightly offbeat color combination’s, such as bright lime green mums with orange daisies or terra cotta roses set in cobalt blue vases. Whatever hues you select can serve as the inspiration for the rest of the reception decorations.

A final tip for planning centerpieces with a creative flair is to think beyond the standard wedding flowers like roses and hydrangeas. Less common selections like birds of paradise or celosia will make your table arrangements more interesting. Or select a less common hue of a classic flower, such as chocolate brown cosmos or blackish purple calla lilies. The results will be centerpieces that genuinely reflect your own style and taste.

There are plenty of other ways to make your centerpieces more creative, whether your style is modern, whimsical, or rustic. When you put your own personal touched on your wedding decorations, the entire event will feel more unique and special.

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