Three Wedding Centerpiece Ideas That Work

At this DIY day and age, it seems that there is nothing impossible to achieve when armed with a perfect idea, great resourcefulness, and skilled hands. Wedding centerpieces are no exception to this. Gone are the days when flowers of all shapes and species dominated the reception tables, because they’ve already made way to a new breed of wedding centerpiece ideas, all as beautiful as a perfect wedding should be.

Need ideas for your wedding centerpiece? Read along and find something you or a friend could actually use on your own wedding!

Three Wedding Centerpiece Ideas That Work

Leave the Lights On

If you’re planning to have an outdoor wedding reception in the evening, one of your biggest challenges would probably be lighting your venue nicely. Make it easier for your guests to see what they’re having for dinner by setting up a wedding centerpiece which is both aesthetic and functional at the same time.

Take three crystal vases of varying sizes and put in some colored stones or small pebbles before filling it up with water. Submerge a stem or two of your favorite flowers in each of the vases and then finish by lighting some floating candles and placing them in the water. If stones and flowers aren’t your thing, you could always make a simpler version with just clear water and floating candles. (Or, you could jazz it up a little by adding a bit of food coloring to the water to make it match your wedding palette.) I’m pretty sure the lighting will set a warm romantic mood to the evening.

As an alternative to candles, LED lights may also be used to create a stunning lighted centerpiece. Placed around or underneath your centerpiece as a base, or submerged in crystal vases filled with water, these LED lights will definitely light up the occasion.

Sweeten the Moment

After planning and attending enough parties, I’ve realized that anything edible (and delectable, of course) is sure to please guests, so why not give them a wedding centerpiece that’s sure to tickle their taste buds?

It’s impossible to actually get stumped when creating edible centerpieces, especially since there are a lot of different food items you could use from pastries and chocolates to fruits and vegetables. Playing with pastries? Small cakes can be decorated with different-colored fruit slices or candy, while colorful macaroons can be stacked together to create a macaroon pyramid! Cupcake towers and bouquets are also quite popular and easy to assemble, and a chocolate fountain is enough to make your guests’ mouths water.

If you’re more of a fruit person, don’t just give your guests a fruit basket on their table! Cut up some oranges, strawberries and green apples and arrange them in neat bowls topped with small flowers. (Don’t forget to leave toothpicks or small forks they could use to pick out the fruit pieces.) Fruit skewers are a nice idea as well, and you could arrange them in such a way that the centerpiece resembles a beautiful bouquet.

Add a Nostalgic Touch

Think wedding guest books are so yesterday? Try a wishing tree for a change.

Wishing trees are small, tree-like arrangements where guests hang little notes of well-wishes to the newlyweds. It’s creative and eye-catching, and also readily available through some wedding vendors out there. Place smaller wishing trees on your guests’ tables as a centerpiece, along with a box of notecards they could write on and hang on the branches. While you newlyweds are still busy taking photos, your guests can begin writing down their well-wishes for you.

To add to the nostalgic feel of your centerpiece, you may also decorate the wishing trees with small photos of you and your partner during your childhood and growing-up years. Your guests will certainly enjoy looking through them like they would an old family album.

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