Three Reasons Why You Should Opt For Favor Centerpieces

When faced with the challenge of creating a wonderful wedding centerpiece, what’s the first element that comes to mind? I bet that more than half the time, the answer would be “flowers,” because floral centerpieces have been (and always will be, I’m assuming) the most popular kind. Fresh and creative concepts have recently given the traditional centerpiece a twist, however, and one of the more practical ideas is the use of favors as centerpieces.

I personally think that favor centerpieces are quite charming, and I would recommend this idea to all of you out there who would love to have a quirky, fun, and functional centerpiece set for your next event. What makes a favor centerpiece so great? Here are three good reasons:

Twofold Function

A centerpiece’s main function is to provide a focal point and beautify a table setting, and this is why event planners or vendors make sure that their centerpieces have a unique touch, or possess color combinations which are very pleasing to the eyes. But wouldn’t it be even more appealing if, aside from eliciting “oohs” and “ahhs” from your guests upon seeing these centerpieces, you’d be able to promise that they could take home a part of it as well?

I’ve seen small trinket boxes containing wedding favors piled up on cake stands like a colorful pyramid, and I’ve also encountered favor boxes shaped like sliced cake, arranged together to form a faux cake as a centerpiece. Following the concept of a wishing tree, there is also an option to tie your favor bags on a tree-like centerpiece, making it easy for guests to pluck out the “fruits” of your celebration.

Edible favors are also quite popular. Cupcake towers, cookie-pop trees, and fruit skewers are just some examples I’ve seen so far, and they all have charming qualities to them. Even eco-friendly favors such as potted plants are now being used as wedding centerpieces, taking the place of the traditional floral ones.

Whatever kind of favor centerpiece you choose and however you choose to display them, the goal is to capture your guests’ attention and make them want to take a favor home. If you’ve got that covered, then your creation is good to go.


Imagine having to pay for ten or fifteen floral centerpieces, and then having to pay for fifty to a hundred pieces of wedding favors. Flowers are beautiful, but they can be quite expensive if you want the best-looking ones, while favors can be quite cheap but it’s the bulk price that can kill your budget. Chances are that you would contract a headache trying to stick to a budget, especially if you’re working on a tight one.

Work with favor centerpieces, however, and you wouldn’t have to worry about excess costs because then you’ve already hit two birds with one stone. Smart, right?


I often wonder what happens to the bulk of the flower arrangements when weddings and other social functions are done. After all, they are going to wilt in a couple of days, and it would be very burdensome to have to keep them all. If you are doing a DIY wedding, I imagine it would be very taxing to set everything up and then take them down again after the merry-making is over.

This is where the additional charm of the favor centerpiece comes in. Once the celebration is over, you will be left with almost nothing to clean up with regards to your centerpieces, because then your guests have already taken all of them home. You’ll have less mess to worry about, and you can also dispose of them easily (i.e. give them to friends and family members who weren’t able to attend the event) if there are any left. This is easier to manage than having to deal with throwing out a bunch of wilted flowers, if you ask me.

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