Three Inexpensive Wedding Ideas For Centerpieces

You are getting married. The big day is coming and you want to make it memorable. You know the little touches will make it seem important. How your guest feel during the event will be evident when they talk about it. So you want to make them feel special too.

Three Inexpensive Wedding Ideas For Centerpieces

Here are three inexpensive wedding ideas for centerpieces.

  1. Wrap several size boxes in bright white shiny paper add your color bows to them. Set these in the center of the tables. Make sure each has a gift inside. They don’t have to be expensive but something people would want. Perhaps a special ornament, a nice flash light, a framed photo of the couple. Toward the end of the party give tickets for the gifts. Let the first picked take their choice. Now you have a fun way to give gifts at random and nice centerpieces. You might even add some gag items. Maybe a bottle of m&m’s with an old people pills label. Use your imagination.
  2. Why not make a nice edible centerpiece. Get several lazy susans, Get some divided plastic containers, preferably in your colors. Now put colorful foods in these. One can have vegetables, another cookies, and another candies. These can be very colorful and a finger food for guests as they wait for food. You can rotate the dishes to give each table one or two centerpieces. These will be good for those who get nervous and need to munch on comfort food.
  3. Get some nice large glass dishes and fill with wrapped fudge. Got a homemade fudge recipe everyone loves. Make several batches wrap pieces in colored plastic wrap and put a bow on. Add a tag that has your names and wedding date. These are favors that double for decoration. Your guests will think this is a sweet idea!

I am sure that you can see these are not only inexpensive for your wedding but a nice added touch. Having some inexpensive wedding ideas for centerpieces is a good idea. You will want several things that will add an extra touch to your wedding.

It is your special day but you want others to feel special too. Take time to add a few special touches to you wedding reception tables. Your guests will be seated there for sometime. Make these tables decorative and add some touches that they can talk about. Having items that are conversation pieces will help break the tension. Your guests will appreciate that. Good luck on your wedding day.

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