The Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan – Create a Unique Birthday Party Centerpiece With This Pan!

If you have not yet heard about the Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan, them you may want to consider using it for your next party. You will be the talk of your guests!

The Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan - Create a Unique Birthday Party Centerpiece With This Pan!

Everyone is used to seeing the generic sheet cake at a birthday celebration. But, what if you walked into the event and noticed a giant cupcake sitting in the center of the table?

This pan is made of heavy gauge cast aluminum and creates a large cupcake that the whole party can share. Everyone loves a good cupcake, so this is a great dessert to share with friends and family.

This is a 3D cake pan, and the final cupcake will be about 7.25 inches by 7.5 inches. No one will go hungry after eating this dessert!

The pan also features a sculptural top and bottom to make it look more realistic. There are ridges on the bottom and a swirl on the top to make it even more fun to decorate!

Once you have baked each piece, it is simple to put them together using a layer of icing. Then you have your one huge cupcake!

Amazingly, this pan actually holds 10 cups of batter! You will not have any problem feeding a large crowd at your next event. Keep in mind that the top pan cooks a little faster than the bottom (according to user reviews), so you might want to put the bottom in for a bit before placing the top in the oven.

The non stick surface makes for an easy release of the cake and a very simple cleanup. What can be better than that? This pan would be great for any party, especially a child’s first birthday!

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