The No-Vase Wedding Centerpiece

Who says a centerpiece needs a vase? The latest trend in wedding centerpieces is flowers and other natural elements creatively displayed without their stems in water. From earthy to contemporary to beachy, these are some great ideas for no-vase centerpieces.

The popularity of long rectangular reception tables has made it possible to try out some clever new centerpiece designs. A very stylish look is a centerpiece which is based on moss displayed directly on the table surface without a vessel. Arrange the moss in a long naturally shaped form down the center of the dinner table. Decorate it with clusters of fresh flowers and other natural elements like herbs or ferns. It would be particularly stunning for a forest theme wedding with the bride wearing an artfully shredded tulle gown and handmade wedding jewelry, whether the reception site is indoors or actually in a forest clearing.

Another fantastic idea for a no-vase centerpiece is to use floral oasis foam as a base for a display of flowers. Set a half-dome of oasis foam on the table over a piece of plastic (which is not seen) and use it to hold your favorite wedding flowers. Large round flowers work best with this design, because the oasis foam should be completely concealed. Imagine a fabulous display of brightly colored orange, fuchsia, pink, and purple blossoms for a summer wedding. It would be exuberant and unexpected – a very fun way to liven up your wedding reception tables.

A no-vase centerpiece can also be quite contemporary. A very chic design idea is to take a clear plexiglass box and fill it with carnations in straight rows. Pack the blossoms in very tightly so the box is “stuffed” looking. What can give this centerpiece design a very custom look is to use several different colors of carnations to create a geometric pattern like stripes or squares. Carnations are a great choice for this project because they are affordable en masse and also come in virtually any color you want (and they can be custom dyed to match your wedding colors if need be). This would be a striking and whimsical centerpiece design for any modern wedding.

Beach weddings also lend themselves beautifully to the no-vase centerpiece idea. The whole atmosphere of a beach wedding is non-traditional anyway, from the steel band to the barefoot bride in a halter bridal gown with handmade beach theme wedding jewelry. Start by arranging a low mound of sand in the middle of a round table. Then layer on the elements which will really bring home the beach theme. You can use shells, sand dollars, faux red coral, and even driftwood. For more color, place colorful tropical blossoms on the driftwood. Choose flowers that tend to do well out of water such as orchids. Nestle tall ivory pillar candles into the sandy base for height and ambiance. You will have the perfect centerpiece for a beach wedding, no vessel needed.

Looking for more ideas to design a no-vase centerpiece for your wedding? Think creatively, such as placing round balls of flowers right onto the tablecloths in groups or even hanging centerpieces over tables instead of setting them on the tops. The vessel-free centerpiece idea is a wonderful extension of the trend towards more natural looking wedding bouquets in creative forms, and it is a fresh design idea which will look fantastic for many types of weddings.

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