The Centerpiece of Modern Baby Showers

At one point in time, decorating for a baby shower was as simple as running to the dollar store and picking up a paper centerpiece that folded up and sat on the table. No one paid much attention to these paper decorations during the shower and after the party was over most parents-to-be simply tossed them in the trash. Money wasted, even if it was only a few bucks.

The Centerpiece of Modern Baby Showers

Today things have changed. Most people are going all out for their baby showers so the event will be more memorable for the mommy-to-be. This means something that will never be tossed in the trash has taken the place of those paper pop-up centerpieces: diaper cakes!

When properly made, diaper cakes will closely resemble a real tiered decorative cake from a distance. They are attention grabbing features that will be noticed by guests soon after entering the room. Some may know right off that they are not real cakes, but others will be completely fooled until they walk closer and realize that each tier has been delicately designed out of diapers rather than confections.

Just like a real decorative cake, baby cakes are adorned with colorful ribbon and topped with teddy bears, rubber duckies, or other small items that parents can really use for their babies. These cakes are attractions of the baby shower that demand admiration from guests, but after the guests go home they will become functional products that the parents can use when caring for the new addition to their family.

It’s true that baby diaper cakes will cost a bit more than those cheap paper decorations from the dollar store, but they also won’t get tossed in the trash at the end of the party. They can actually serve as gifts to the parents-to-be, so they are more than just decorations for the celebration.

Sometimes bottles of baby lotions, nail trimmers, and other products that parents will find useful in the first year of the baby’s life can be hidden inside the layers of the cake. This is best done by a professional baby cake maker who knows how to properly put each layer together and tuck the items in so the diaper cakes still looks professional and believable.

These gifts will be found by the parents-to-be as they take their cake apart to use the diapers for their baby. In this way, baby shower diaper cakes are the ultimate baby shower gift that keeps on giving for quite some time.

You can still go to the dollar store and pick up cheap paper decorations when planning a baby shower for someone you care about. That would be the easy and cheap way out, but it would also be a complete waste of money. Why not go with diaper cakes instead? You can cont it as a gift and the mommy at the center of the party will really appreciate the thoughtfulness and uniqueness that went into their gift.

We create beautiful hand-crafted diaper cakes, diaper cupcakes and gift baskets using only premium ingredients for a gift that thenew mom will adore and be able to use. Each baby shower diaper cakes is created with original designs.

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