The Basics of Wedding Centerpiece Design

Designing your own wedding centerpieces can be a very fun project, if you know where to start. Whether you want to make your own table arrangements or simply want to have the knowledge needed to work with your florist on the design of your centerpieces, the more you know, the easier it will be. These are the basic elements of wedding centerpiece design that everyone should know.

The Basics of Wedding Centerpiece Design

The Vessel:This is what will hold your flowers. The most common vessel for centerpieces is a vase, but many other types of containers can be used. You can really set the style of your centerpieces by the type of vessels which you choose. A garden urn, for instance, would be lovely for a garden theme wedding. A tall silver vase works beautifully for a formal affair with the bride in lots of sparkling crystal bridal jewelry, and a simple tall clear cylinder is modern and clean. Baskets, pitchers, bowls, and silver mint julep cups are some other options for wedding centerpiece vessels.

The vessels should also take into account the particular flowers which you wish to display. Long stemmed flowers like tulips will stand tall and proud in a tallish vase. Flowing tendrils of ivy are at their best when they are allowed to drape over the side of a footed vase or urn. Submerged flower centerpieces require a tall and slim vessel to show them off. And if you love a simple and classic look, the round shape of a rose bowl is ideal.

The Flowers: Obviously, the flowers are the most important part of a wedding centerpiece. You will want to base your selections on certain categories, such as season, color, style, and cost. Choosing blossoms which are in season at the time of your wedding is always a very smart idea. They will be less expensive, fresher and prettier, and will also evoke the feeling of that time of year. A poinsettia, for instance, would be marvelous for a holiday wedding, but would be just plain odd in July. Lovely lily-of-the-valley definitely say “spring”, and nothing says autumn wedding quite like mums. Of course there are some wedding flowers, especially roses, that are year-round staples.

The colors you choose for your wedding flowers will help to create an atmosphere at your wedding. White is classic and pure, red is passionate, pale pink is feminine, hot pink is festive, and yellow is cheerful. You can create even more impact by carefully combining colors, such as fuchsia and orange for a fun and modern summertime bash. Various types of flowers will also have different moods. Orchids are exotic and sophisticated, gerbera daisies fun and casual, roses traditional and romantic, and so forth.

The Extras: Once you have selected your vessels and flowers, it is time to think about the extras that will make your centerpieces unique. Brides who are wearing crystal bridal jewelry may choose to adorn their centerpieces with teardrop crystal accents dripping from the flowers. For an earthy look, weave natural elements such as wheat and seed pods into the blossoms. Or add a gentle scent to your centerpieces with the addition of fragrant lavender and rosemary. When it all comes together, you will have designed wedding centerpieces which are unforgettable.

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