The Antique Tub – A Spectacular Bathroom Centerpiece

You have got to love an antique tub! Most antique tubs have ball and claw feet, which is why they are also called clawfoot bathtubs. These tubs have gained great popularity in recent years, as more people have become aware of their great beauty and practical functionality. A Clawfoot bathtub can be far more than just a bathtub; it can be a spectacular centerpiece in any bathroom.

The Antique Tub - A Spectacular Bathroom Centerpiece

One of the most beautiful bathrooms I have ever seen was in my own house–the first home I ever owned. It had a freestanding claw foot tub with beautiful antique bronze floor-mount faucets centered squarely in the middle of the room all by itself. The tub was an absolutely gorgeous fixture that was the centerpiece of the bathroom. Indeed, it was so enticing that you would want to take a nice hot soaking bath right there on the spot.

The memories I have of that bathroom are priceless. I can’t even remember how many times I would come home from a hard day of work, muscles aching, totally exhausted and barely able to move another inch. Somehow, I would make it to the bathroom, fill up my antique clawfoot tub with hot water and lots of bubble bath, and gingerly eased my tired body into the bathtub.

Suddenly, I was transformed to a magical place that felt oh so heavenly. The clawfoot tub was so deep I could easily slide in deep enough to let the water completely cover my whole body – all except for my head. As I sat there and soaked, I could feel my aches, pains, tension start to melt away. Within just a few minutes I was relaxed, my body renewed, and my spirit reinvigorated. In my opinion, a hot soaking bath in an antique claw foot tub is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Besides my own personal experience, I will never forget all of the times guests in my home were awestruck by the beautiful tub. I remember people coming out of the restroom saying “wow, what a great-looking bathtub.” Of course I always felt a sense of pride every time I received a complement on my beautiful bath tub.

As I found out, clawfoot tubs can be quite the conversation starter. If you are thinking about installing an antique clawfoot tub in your house, I have only one question to ask: “What are you waiting for?” Not only will you have a lovely tub that is ideal for taking exquisitely delightful baths, your tub will become the centerpiece of your bathroom. You too will discover that there is nothing quite like having a spectacular antique bathtub to impress your guests!

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