Thanksgiving Day Centerpieces

When one thinks of Thanksgiving centerpieces, the first thought that often comes to mind, of course, is a large oven-baked dish of the turkey variety. So many of the pleasant memories we all share include the entire family setting around a beautifully decorated table large enough to accommodate all of the family’s adults (a number of card tables pushed together become a makeshift kids table).

Thanksgiving Day Centerpieces

In the midst all of the place settings may be name cards or even construction paper place mats made by the kids can be a beautiful centerpiece. Many Thanksgiving centerpieces include either a fruit basket, a traditional cornucopia (a horn-shaped wicker basket filled with fruit or flowers) or a fall flower arrangement (including lovely sunflowers, chrysanthemums, helenium, or fall-colored roses).

One of the most famous Thanksgiving images ever created, the iconic Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving, amidst the uncle mugging for the camera, included a berry, pear and apple centerpiece. In this day and age with video games, iPods, iPhones, cellphones, text messaging and the like, this year, perhaps like never before seeks us longing to get back to days of old and the traditions of years past. Perhaps a simple step in that direction might be a homemade or professionally created arrangement. Most local florists, in addition to their work on wedding and funeral flowers requested all year round, are promoting and offering great deals on such arrangements.

Perhaps you’re traveling a great distance “over the river and through the woods” and you’re concerned about the condition you’re Thanksgiving arrangement will be in when you get there. Just imagine the look on everyone’s faces when you open the trunk and found the luggage had shifted en route completely flattening your flowers. If this is your fear, keep in mind that there may be a florist local to your destination that would guarantee delivery of your arrangement in tact and created by a professional with artistic abilities and the knowledge of what flowers are in season and set the mood for this special day.

Would you like to make this Thanksgiving Day even more memorable? Consider a beautiful Thanksgiving Day flower arrangement.

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