Thanksgiving Centerpiece Crafts For 3 Year Olds

Nothing makes a Thanksgiving table look more festive than a hand made centerpiece, and we can give you some Thanksgiving centerpiece crafts for 3 year olds to complete for your table. We do not think any child is TOO young to participate in crafts. Of course, you will probably have to help them a little bit with the details, but even 3 year olds can make a centerpiece for the table that you both can be proud of.

The first Thanksgiving centerpiece crafts for 3 year olds we found is a thankful tree. Begin this project early in November. Start by going outside and finding a twig with a few branches on it. This doesn’t have to be very big – in fact, smaller ones might work better than larger ones.

The next step involves mixing together some plaster of Paris. Get a clean soup can or other container depending on the size of your twig, place the twig inside the container and pour in the plaster. You will probably have to do something to keep the twig upright until the plaster dries. Help your child cut out leaf shapes from construction paper and then every day, let them tell you something they are thankful for and write it on the leaf. Punch a hole in the leaves, string some yarn through the hole, and hang from the twig. By the time Thanksgiving Day gets here, you’ll have a great Thanksgiving centerpiece crafts for 3 year olds made by your little one!

For a twist on this same idea, you can use a basket and some florist’s foam. Cut out the leaf shapes and glue or staple them to craft sticks. When your guests arrive, ask your child to tell them to write on the leaf something they are thankful for and then stick the leaves into the foam.

Our next Thanksgiving centerpiece crafts for 3 years olds is really simple. Gather together several pine cones. Make a thin glue by mixing 1 part white glue with 1 part water. Have them use a paint brush to completely coat the pine cones with the glue. Mix together spices like ground ginger, ground cinnamon, or ground nutmeg. Have your child roll the pine cones in the spice mixture and allow to dry. Then place them in a festive basket and place on your table.

You can find all sorts of other ideas for Thanksgiving centerpiece crafts for 3 year olds online. Do a Google search and then find ones your child can complete and be proud of!

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