Super Simple Christmas Centerpiece Idea

To make your Christmas dinner table look festive and fun this holiday season, why not “wrap it up”? This super easy Christmas centerpiece craft only requires a few minutes to complete, it looks fantastic and best of all, you don’t need to be Martha Stewart to do it.

Here’s what you will need:

1 rectangular piece of styrofoam or cardboard

10-15 small assorted boxes ( a variety of shapes and sizes works best)

2-3 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper

2-3 types of Christmas ribbon

A few Christmas picks (usually found in the floral or craft department)

Christmas greenery

Hot Glue Gun

Here’s How To Make It:

1. Cover your piece of cardboard or styrofoam will Christmas wrapping paper. This will serve as the base of the centerpiece. You can use tape to secure the ends and edges but using a hot glue gun will give you a more clean finish.

2. Using the different wrapping papers, wrap each of the small boxes and secures edges and ends with hot glue.

3. Arrange the boxes on the base. Place the largest and highest boxes in the center as the main focal point. Arrange the smaller boxes around the larger ones extending outward to the edges of the cardboard.

4. One you have arranged the boxes, add the ribbon and bows to make a pleasing arrangement.

5. Now glue each box to the base.

6. Once all of the boxes are fastened to the base and the glue is dry, add in the Christmas picks and greenery to bring the centerpiece to life. This is just an extra touch so don’t go overboard. Just add enough until the centerpiece is to your liking.

A Few More Suggestions:

If you have young children or some will be attending your Christmas party, use red and green wrapping paper with fun patterns and designs. Use wrapping paper that has Santa, reindeer, or snowmen on it.

If your theme is more country Christmas, wrap the boxes with burlap or gingham and use dried flowers and cinnamon sticks rather than bows, ribbons and picks.

Or if your dinner is super elegant and sophisticated, use gold and/or silver wrapping with delicate lace and shimmering glass ornaments amongst the boxes.

However you decide to make it, this centerpiece is sure to be a conversation piece around your holiday table.

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