Summer Wedding Centerpieces Dos and Don’ts

The most important decorative element at a wedding reception is the centerpieces. They are the focal point of the tables, they are displayed in multiples, and in many cases, the centerpieces are the biggest colorful accent at the reception. With such an important role to play, you will want to be sure that your centerpieces are top notch. Get prepared with these summer wedding centerpiece dos and don’ts.

Do: Choose flowers which suit the formality of your wedding. Although many of the prettiest summer wedding centerpieces are casual, don’t feel like you have to do something informal if it is not your style. Summer does not have to mean gerbera daisies if you are wearing a formal wedding gown with elegant pearl earrings; design centerpieces which fit in with the overall style of your wedding. For a traditional wedding, a lush display of pale pink roses displayed in a clear vessel filled with faux pearls (to coordinate with your pearl earrings, of course) would be stunning.

Don’t: Overlook the practicalities of an outdoor wedding when designing summer centerpieces. Some blossoms will wilt in the sun, and very fragrant varieties might be magnets for bees. Nothing will bring down the mood of a party faster than bee-stung guests!

Do: Think about incorporating some fun summery elements into your reception centerpieces. Having a beach wedding? Why not nestle your displays into a bed of sand with seashells and faux coral? Or fill a tall clear vase with fresh lemons before topping with cheerful yellow flowers. What a great addition to an outdoor wedding.

Don’t: Limit yourself to standard vases. White pitchers or even colorful enameled tin watering cans could be wonderful centerpiece vessels for a summer garden wedding. Plant wheatgrass in low wooden boxes and “plant” bright pink and orange gerbera daisies. Your creativity is the only limit to how unique you can make your centerpieces.

Do: Save money by creating table arrangements with flowers which are in season. This is super easy in the summer, as there is always an abundance of fresh blossoms. With gorgeous options like hydrangeas, roses, lilies, freesia, asters, lavender, snapdragons, and lisianthus at your fingertips, why waste your money on pricey out-of-season flowers which will not be as fresh and fabulous as the seasonal blooms?

Don’t: Use fake or dried flowers in summertime wedding centerpieces (with the exception of charming handcrafted paper flowers). Summer is a season of growth and exuberance; artificial flowers simply do not fit in with the spirit of the season, and will look especially inappropriate for an outdoor reception.

And a very big summer wedding centerpiece do: make plans for a second life for your reception flowers after the wedding. Invite your guests to take home the centerpieces at the end of the night or donate them to a hospital or nursing home. Not only will your flowers make your wedding more beautiful, but they can bring cheer to someone else while you are off enjoying your honeymoon.

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