Spirited Angel Centerpiece

I really love holidays (and all the seasons and, well, every day). There’s so many holiday themed projects to make. It’s a marvelous time to craft.

Here’s a project just in time to celebrate the red, white and blue.

The awesome part is that with a bit of imagination it can be transformed into an “ANYTIME” craft.

You’ll need:

  • empty 2-liter plastic bottle
  • 2 1/2″ Styrofoam ball
  • nylon stocking or men’s white athletic sock
  • 13 x 25″ fabric piece for dress( I used a red and white striped pattern)
  • 8 1/2 x18″fabric piece for sleeves( I used a star pattern)
  • 24″ length of starry wire/tinsel for halo
  • 8-9″ length of 1-2″ wide yellow ribbon for tie
  • doll hair
  • raffia
  • 2 -18″ chenille stems( you may have to twist 2 together to get the right length)
  • 2- 20mm wooden beads with 1/8″ holes for hands
  • star shaped button
  • mini flag( or any other embellishment you wish for her to hold)
  • 2- 1/4″ black beads or buttons for eyes
  • florist wire
  • wire cutters
  • gravel for weight (aquarium gravel works great)—about 2 cups
  • white craft glue
  • yarn or string—optional
  • glue gun and glue
  1. Remove bottle lid and discard.Fill with gravel(however full you wish—this will keep from tipping her over in a wind).
  2. Center Styrofoam ball on top of bottle( for her head) and glue into place with craft glue.(Tip:glue guns tend to melt and misshape Styrofoam so always use white craft glue) Let dry.
  3. Pull nylon stocking or sock over ball.Stretching slightly, secure into place by wrapping florist wire around neck of bottle and then trim excess from nylon stocking or sock.Glue on doll hair. Let dry.
  4. Squeeze a narrow strip of glue along 1 short edge of right side of fabric piece for dress. Overlap other short edge, forming a tube. Let dry. Place tube over bottle. Gather tightly at neck. Tie with yarn or string. Knot securely, adjusting gathers. Trim ends of yarn or string.
  5. For sleeves, squeeze a narrow strip of glue along long edge of fabric piece. As before, overlap with other long edge, forming a tube. Let dry.
  6. Insert one chenille stem into tube for arm. Repeat on other side.
  7. Attach 1 bead to end of chenille stem for hands, gluing with glue gun into place. Repeat other arm.
  8. Gather sleeve tube at center and wrap tightly with florist’s wire. Glue center of arms to center back of dress at back at the neck edge. Bend arms to front.
  9. Cut 6-10 pieces of raffia tie into bow, having tails as this forms the wings. Glue with glue gun to angel over gathered area of sleeves.
  10. Create a halo with the star wire tinsel by twisting and weaving into a circle approximately 3 1/2″ in diameter.
  11. Glue one edge of halo to center back of head,not gluing any hair to it.
  12. Glue buttons or beads to head front for eyes. Apply blush to face for cheeks, if desired.
  13. Tie ribbon over yarn or string at neck for tie. Knot into place. Add star button at knot and glue into place.
  14. Glue “hands” together at front, placing mini flag between.
  15. Use as centerpiece for the family picnic table or display on your own table.

Tip: after the picnic was over I used it as a doorstop.

Use different fabrics and embellishments for a different look.

Let me know some of your ideas how you think it can be made.

See you next time.

I have been active in the arts and crafts world. I have been doing this for over 30 years. I have taught classes for several youth groups and also adults. I have also owned and operated a craft, Robin’s Nest, business from my home for over 30 years. I design and make crafts of all mediums for custom orders. I especially enjoy working with children.

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