Simple Do-It-Yourself Cheap Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Planning a wedding is all about the details. There is so much to think about! What kind of food should you serve? What flowers do you like? Should the guests wear informal or semi formal dresses? Everything needs to be carefully coordinated, not only for timing, but to give a cohesive feel to the overall celebration. Decorations are especially important. They may seem minor, but they give a theme or flavor to your festivities, create a mood at the guest tables, and will show up in photographs for years to come, so you want to pay attention to them.

Simple Do-It-Yourself Cheap Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

It can be especially challenging to come up with cheap wedding centerpieces ideas. There are a few symbols of marriage that are represented throughout the ceremony–bride and groom, rings, champagne glasses–and it can be redundant to repeat those images in a centerpiece. Store-bought, ready-made centerpieces can sometimes look tacky. So how can you create beautiful wedding centerpieces on your own with a minimum of effort?

Flowers Are a Classic Choice

Many wedding centerpiece ideas revolve around floral displays. However, there are so many ways to make your flowers look unique! You don’t have to have them professionally designed. One option is to use the same flower(s) at each table, but have them displayed in different containers. A single blossom in a vase is perfectly tasteful and pretty. A woven chain or crown of flowers can surround another item.

Remember not to use highly scented flowers as centerpieces for food tables. The fragrance can interfere with the guests’ enjoyment of the food, beverages, and cake! Additionally, many people have allergies, so always get recommendations from a florist on flowers that are least likely to cause reactions.

Candles Always Impress

Floating candles in a bowl of water look beautiful, especially at night. The water can be colored with food coloring for a special effect. You can also use tinted glass bowls that will glow brilliantly from the candle’s flame. A few flower petals can be floated on the water’s surface as well. The bottom of the container can contain colored glass or stones. You can also use random shapes and sizes of white (or colored) candles grouped together on a dish, surrounded by a few flower petals or special mementos of the couple’s journey together.

Candlelight centerpieces are gorgeous; however, they do present a safety hazard. They are not recommended for receptions where children are attending, but no matter who is on your guest list, candle flames should always be protected by some type of glass or other protective container. Keep floral arrangements, paper decorations, and other flammable materials far from the flame. As with flowers, keep in mind that scents interfere with the appetite, so at eating tables, it is best to use unscented candles.

Make It Truly Unique

Other than the classic flowers-and-candles ideas, you can mix it up with some more creative ideas. You could display beautifully framed snapshots of the couple at each table–perhaps taken at different stages of their relationship. Grace each table with an unusual piece of art, such as a collage or small sculpture, made by one of the members of the wedding party. If either the bride or the groom has children, the children can create something lovely and meaningful.

These wedding centerpiece ideas should help you get started on your way to a beautifully decorated wedding reception. Keeping it simple, sophisticated, and sentimental never fails!

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