Simple DIY Christmas Centerpiece

I like this centerpiece! Maybe I’ll do the same centerpiece later.

DIY Centerpieces are an easy way to spruce up your table! Here’s how to make a colonial-style Christmas centerpiece with fruits and natural greenery.

Materials you need:

  • Floral cage with floral foam
  • Various fresh fruits—red or green apples, pomegranates, oranges, mini-pineapples
  • Fresh evergreen boughs
  • Other natural materials as desired—holly berries, cedar sprigs, pine cones, etc.

How to do pictures:

Simple DIY Christmas Centerpiece

Simple DIY Christmas Centerpiece

Simple DIY Christmas Centerpiece


  1. Soak floral foam; allow to drain for a few minutes.  Start by placing fruit. Insert wire through the center of the fruit, as in second photo. Push wire ends through the foam and twist around floral cage. Continue with as many pieces of fruit as desired.
  2. Cut evergreen boughs to size desired. Strip needles from the stem ends. Insert at an angle into floral cage, as in third photo.
  3. Finish by filling in the areas between fruit and evergreen boughs with sprigs of cedar, holly berries and other natural accents.

Colonial Williamsburg DIY Centerpiece Photography by Helen Oderisi, Colonial Photography

Colonial Williamsburg DIY Centerpiece Craft designed by Susan Dippre, Colonial Williamsburg.


Thank you author and Merry Christmas! 🙂

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