Simple, Affordable Wedding Centerpieces DIY

I would like  to share what we ended up doing for table decor, mostly because of the affordability and simple look.

Table numbers were printed and put in silver $2 frames from dollarama.  The silver worked really well with the overall table look.  (We named our tables after famous people we like/admire, mostly scientists, economists and writers.)


Simple, Affordable Wedding Centerpieces DIY

We had long, 8 person tables, so went with two vases on each end (even numbers, I know, weird right?) and tealights in the middle.  All on top of translucent silver table runners.

The table runners were made from fabric that cost ~$10 total from Fabricland and we made 8, plus a different thing for the head table.  I cut them and my mom ironed under the sides and used that fusing stuff tacked in a few places to keep the sides under.  It was kind of tedious, but it also meant that one didn’t have to sew straight lines from unstraight cuts for 12′!

Vases were $2 each from Dollarama, rocks were $1.49/bag at Ikea (used bag/vase).  Candles were $70 for the floaters, tea lights and some regular tapers for the head table.  (neo candles maybe?  it was approx in Mississauga).  The tealight holders were available for rent from the venue for $0.25 (approx 6 per table).

My brother, his fiancée, spouse’s sister and her partner, plus the partners of two groomsmen ended up doing all of the decor in 30 minutes!  (table #s, head table, vases, favours, place cards)  Vases were filled using plastic juice jugs/a kitchen tap.  Small bubbles formed around the rocks, which refracted the candlelight very nicely.

So, all told table decor:

Runners – $10

Vases – $64

Tealight Holders – $12

Rocks – $47.68

Candles – $70


Total after tax: $230.16

If your tables were shaped differently, one could get away with substantially fewer vases, maybe spice them up with a few more things than the rocks.  Vase, rocks, candle was $4.79.

To make the tables look okay, we ended up with a lot more than I initially thought we’d need.  I do plan to sell them, when I get around to coordinating the sale with my MIL on the other side of the country (they’re at her house).

Just wanted to share what I came up with for $4.79!  A lot of variations could be done to make them even better.  The colours played well off of all the silverware and glass on the table.

Simple, Affordable Wedding Centerpieces DIY

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